74Hong Sen called on Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Kampuchea great potential for development|Hong Sen called on Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Kampuchea great potential for development5

Hong Sen called on Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Kampuchea: huge potential for development – in September 12th, Kingdom of Cambodia Prime Minister Hong Sen at the first China – Kampuchea investment cooperation forum keynote speech. Zhou Lishuo photo Beijing, September 12 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Yang Qiang Zhou Lishuo) Kingdom of Cambodia Prime Minister Hong Sen 12, said in Nanning, Cambodia is the most trusted friend. In the "The Belt and Road under the framework of Kampuchea Province as a public choice" charm city to attend the thirteenth session of the Chinese ASEAN Expo, on behalf of Kingdom of Cambodia in response to the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road Theme of cooperation. He looked forward to the officials of the two countries and investors together to seek opportunities and make use of the Silk Road Economic and Trade Development Fund, further, through the interconnection of coastal ports to achieve the Cambodia in the. China’s national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the people’s Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region hosted the first China Kampuchea investment cooperation forum held in Guangxi, Nanning, the same day on the same day. This forum is to deepen bilateral investment cooperation, promoting mutual benefit and win-win development "as the theme, aims to build China and Kampuchea economic cooperation platform, and promote the establishment of Sino Cambodian bilateral investment cooperation mechanism, promote the cooperation between the governments, financial institutions, enterprises and industry associations to promote cooperation between China and Cambodia economic relations to achieve all-round, multi field deep development. Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen said in a keynote speech that the friendly relations between Kampuchea and China have a long history. In the traditional friendly relations under the background of Cambodia Cambodia government efforts will enhance the bilateral cooperation to a new height of the comprehensive strategic partnership. After the close visits between leaders of the two countries, and trade between the two countries, investment and tourism growth, and in-depth exchanges and communication between people of the two countries, bilateral cooperation in political, economic and social fields in Cambodia have made impressive progress. He said that in the economic and trade development, Cambodia leaders launched in 2017 to achieve the total bilateral trade increased to $5 billion plan. Through the cooperation between the two sides, in 2015 bilateral trade volume reached US $4 billion 330 million, compared with 2014 growth of more than 15%. In the field of foreign investment, from 2011 to 2015 for five consecutive years, China is the largest investor in Kampuchea, with a total investment of $4 billion 900 million. In the field of tourism, in 2015, the number of foreign tourists in Kampuchea 4 million 800 thousand, of which the number of Chinese tourists to 700 thousand people, an increase of 24%. 2016, Kampuchea is expected to receive 5 million of the number of international tourists, of which the number of Chinese tourists, an increase of 800 thousand, an increase of 14%. Hong Sen said that in recent years, Kampuchea in the political, economic and social development has undergone tremendous changes. According to the world bank predicts economic growth in Kampuchea, Kampuchea is considered to be the economic growth rate of enviable state. Recently, the Asian Development Bank of Kampuchea economic situation is highly appraised, Kampuchea has suffered from a civil strife in poor countries has become one of the fastest economic growth in the Asian countries. According to this forecast, Kampuchea will continue to maintain an annual rate of 7% by 2018

32Mainstream luxury medium SUV highest drop 197 thousand|Mainstream luxury medium SUV highest drop 197 thousand4

Mainstream luxury medium-sized SUV highest drop 197 thousand Phoenix car Shanghai shopping guide: with China’s SUV market gradually fiery, the major luxury brands also want to join a seat to occupy a land. 50-60 million in the budget range of the SUV market, many people will tangle how to choose. Most of the customers in this budget will require a lot of things, on the one hand, the quality of the vehicle and the sense of luxury, while on the other hand requires more secure performance and comfort. Here, we bring you six medium-sized luxury brand SUV to do the comparison, the recent these models have different degrees of preferential treatment, the following look at the market price of the. Six midsize luxury SUV models recommended guidance price (million) maximum discount (million) car 4S shop inquiry Benz GLC details 39.60-57.90 8.10 BMW X3 42.10-75.00 vehicle sufficient inquiry details 19.70 inquiry Audi Q5 vehicle sufficient details 38.34-56.70 12.02 inquiry ample car Land Rover Aurora details 39.80-57.80 17.33 inquiry ample car Jaguar F-PACE details 54.80-89.80 16 inquiry 4008933911 Lexus cars are plentiful NX details 36.80-50.80 5 inquiry ample car tab: Phoenix car market promotion this time: 2016.11.25-2016.12.2 2016 Benz GLC 300 4MATIC dynamic type dispatch Phoenix car price information: Recently, Phoenix regional editor from Shanghai Benz dealers learned that the store is currently Benz GLC car in the sale, colors, no concessions, sense interested friends can go to the store. Inquiry purchase. See details below: GLC the latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 GLC 200 4MATIC 39.60 34.80 inquiry 4.80 cars are plentiful 2016 GLC 260 4MATIC 42.80 dynamic type 36.80 inquiry 6 cars are plentiful 2016 GLC 260 4MATIC luxurious 44.30 38.98 2016 inquiry 5.32 cars are plentiful GLC 300 4MATIC dynamic type 48.60 42.80 inquiry 5.80 cars are plentiful 2016 GLC 300 4MATIC 57.90 49.80 8.10 luxury cars are sufficient inquiry more preferential please call the dealer free consultation telephone: November 25, 40085585392016 market tab: Phoenix car 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 4MATIC dynamic type financial policy: insurance, priced at 396 thousand to 2016 GLC 200)