5 Weight Loss Trends For 2011-yo te amo

Weight-Loss #1 Online gyms and health clubs With advances in .puter, tablet and mobile phone technology, look for the emergence of online gyms and health clubs. These sites and applications will offer a wide array of services and features to help you lose weight, such as fitness assessments, exercise and nutrition tracking, recipes, meal plans, weigh in reminders, video demonstrations of exercises, a library of helpful tips and articles and personalized feedback. They are designed to keep you informed, motivated and accountable, and may be a stand-alone service, or as an addition to your gym membership. Its is good option for people who need support, yet cant afford a personal trainer, or who dont feel .fortable in the gym environment. #2 Employee wellness programs More employers will begin to recognise the importance and value of having healthy staff. The workplace has a very strong influence on the ideas, attitudes and lifestyles of most working adults, and it is an ideal environment to promote better health. Wellness and weight loss programs in the workplace can benefit employees and employers, boosting energy levels and productivity while reducing sickness and absenteeism. Some examples of employee wellness programs include: subsidised or free memberships for fitness clubs or gyms, installation of health and fitness equipment, lunchtime sporting events and walking groups, regular seminars or health newsletters for employees and healthy canteen food choices. #3 Boot camps and group training While the after effects of the global credit crunch continue to reverberate, cheaper exercise alternatives will remain popular. Group-based personal training programs such as boot camp allow people to enjoy the expertise of qualified instructors at a fraction of the cost on an individual personal training session. Its a weight loss solution thats not only affordable but also effective. Group training can be more motivating and social then one-on-one training, because people can exercise and .pete with friends and fellow classmates. #4 You are your own gym For those who want an affordable exercise solution but dont feel .fortable in a group exercise environment, body weight exercises are back in vogue. There are numerous exercises that you can perform at home with little more than an exercise matt and a fit ball, and a number of DVDs, books, websites and programs will offer support and guidance. Strength training has been typically a young mans domain, but increasingly women and people over 50 are realizing the benefits on offer. Not only does resistance training boost your strength and metabolic rate, it can also help maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis. #5 Weight loss super foods Tired of diets that tell you what not to eat? Ongoing research continues to help us make informed decisions about the best foods for health and weight control. Foods with minimal processing that contain quality fats, some protein and low GI carbohydrates will continue to gain recognition. Plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, whole grains and legumes are less processed, so they are high in fibre and have a high ratio of nutrients to kilojoules. Fish and seafood rich in omega-3 fats prepared using healthy cooking methods also offer significant health benefits. Look for recipe books and restaurants to get on board. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: