Wuhan level cadres checked against collusion with others during the review is double open 追踪309

Wuhan level cadres checked against collusion with others during the review was double the newspaper news (reporter Zheng Ruke intern correspondent Yang Lei Duan Chenchen Ji Xin) Yangluo Development Zone Director Lei Moumou, during his tenure on suspicion of embezzlement, accepting gifts and other serious violations, the organization during the investigation, and others collusion closure, destruction of evidence, a serious violation of political discipline. Yesterday, Xinzhou District Commission for Discipline Inspection investigators to Changjiang Daily reporters about the sigh, a taste of greed, but also against the organization review, will ultimately make you in jail. Ray XX joined the Communist Party of China in June 1988. During his tenure, he alleged misappropriation of land requisition compensation funds 293 thousand and 600 yuan; accepting was significantly higher than normal people with color entertainment and gifts of property "money" 249 thousand yuan; the other 3 families to participate in tourism investment. The party’s eighteen still does not converge, not close hand, the false impersonator and other ways to set up small Treasuries 620 thousand and 200 yuan, illegal spamming allowances and subsidies, the personal share of 15 thousand yuan. Investigators for example: during the period from 2012 to 2014, Lei Moumou served as director of the Yangluo Development Zone, somewhere rural party secretary, taking advantage of his position, together with the driver Chen, take a single counterfeit false way, a village in the Yangluo Development Zone real house demolition compensation fees and other fees in village house demolition after reimbursement, taking public funds 2 pen, totaling more than 25 yuan. In addition, in the Yangluo Development Zone, Lei Moumou served as deputy director, deputy secretary of the Party committee in rural areas, rural areas during the period of the director, Secretary of the Party committee, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, accepting other people’s property, a total value of RMB 86000 yuan; in violation of the provisions of self-discipline, accept village Party branch secretary Chen sent a total of red envelopes 6000 yuan. Investigators said, in the organization during the investigation, Lei Moumou serious violations of political discipline, and others on the closure, destruction of evidence. In February this year, Lei Moumou was expelled from the party, dismissed from office, suspected of being transferred to judicial organs. The original January 1, 2016 implementation of the "China Communist Party disciplinary regulations" provisions of article fifty-seventh, against the organization review, one of the following acts, given a warning or serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from party posts or probation; the circumstances are serious, expelled from the party: (a) collusion or forgery and destroy, transfer or conceal evidence; (two) to prevent others to disclose and provide evidence of materials; (three) harboring co-workers; (four) providing false information to the organization, to hide the fact; (five) other acts against the organization review. Discipline and   to engage in offensive and defensive alliance "into focus on punishment in accordance with regulations set, offensive and defensive alliance against the organization investigation, seemingly It’s only human. A small number of Party cadres in just under investigation, always have luck, always thought that as long as carefully designed, cleverly concealed, can deceive, escape the law. However, this is a serious violation of political discipline. At present, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission repeatedly stressed "against the organization, engage in offensive and defensive alliance review" into focus on punishment in accordance with regulations. Disciplinary review 武汉处级干部被查期间与他人串供 对抗审查被双开   本报讯(记者郑汝可 实习生杨蕾 通讯员忻稷 段晨晨)阳逻开发区某处长雷某某,在任职期间涉嫌侵吞公款、收受礼金等严重违纪行为,组织调查期间,还与他人串供堵口,销毁证据,严重违反政治纪律。昨日,新洲区纪委办案人员向长江日报记者讲述时感叹,一味贪念,还对抗组织审查,最终只会让自己身陷囹圄。   雷某某1988年6月加入中国共产党。任职期间,他涉嫌侵吞征地拆迁补偿款等资金29.36万元;收受明显超出正常礼尚往来的财物礼金和“带彩”娱乐的“份子钱”24.9万元;其家属参与他人出资旅游3次。党的十八大以后仍不收敛、不收手,以虚报冒领等方式设立“小金库”62.02万元,违规滥发津补贴,个人分得1.5万元。   办案人员举例:2012年至2014年期间,雷某某在担任阳逻开发区某处处长、农村党委书记期间,利用职务上的便利,与该处司机陈某一起,采取假冒他人虚开领款单的方式,在阳逻开发区某村房屋拆迁补偿费和另外一村房屋拆除费中报账后,套取公款2笔,共计人民币25万余元。   除此之外,在雷某某担任阳逻开发区该处副处长、农村党委副书记,处长、农村党委书记期间,利用职务上的便利,为他人谋取利益,收受他人财物共计价值人民币86000元;违反廉洁自律规定,收某村党支部书记陈某所送的红包共计6000元。   办案人员说,在组织调查期间,雷某某严重违反政治纪律,与他人串供堵口,销毁证据。今年2月,雷某某被开除党籍、开除公职,涉嫌违法被移送司法机关。   条例原文   2016年1月1日施行的《中国共产党纪律处分条例》第57条规定,对抗组织审查,有下列行为之一的,给予警告或者严重警告处分;情节较重的,给予撤销党内职务或者留党察看处分;情节严重的,给予开除党籍处分:(一)串供或者伪造、销毁、转移、隐匿证据的;(二)阻止他人揭发检举、提供证据材料的;(三)包庇同案人员的;(四)向组织提供虚假情况,掩盖事实的;(五)有其他对抗组织审查行为的。   执纪者说 搞“攻守同盟”纳入依规惩处重点   订立攻守同盟、对抗组织调查,看似人之常情。少数党员干部在刚刚被调查时,总会抱有侥幸心理,总以为只要精心设计、巧妙掩盖,就能瞒天过海、逃避法网。殊不知,这是严重违反政治纪律的行为。现阶段,中央纪委多次强调将“搞攻守同盟、对抗组织审查”纳入依规惩处重点。纪律审查首先要审查违纪行为尤其是违反政治纪律和政治规矩、组织纪律的行为,党员干部要认真履行对党忠诚老实的义务,服从组织决定,不得违背组织决定,遇到问题要找组织、依靠组织,不得欺骗组织、对抗组织。   (记者郑汝可 实习生杨蕾 通讯员忻稷 段晨晨整理)相关的主题文章: