Gather a large family car seat seven test version of hippocampus Fumei caxa实体设计

Gather a large family car in the seven seat version test with mark release two-child policy, China ushered in a wave of the baby boom, and the urban population living is quietly changing. Before, a lot of a family can be accompanied by a couple of parents to take care of their children, a family of five people, this time just to meet a family car trip. After a child, the couple is likely to take care of both parents into division two and a small child, family travel together at this time is really a problem. In the purchase of the first-tier cities, want to add a car, the card is the biggest obstacle, and later the car costs will increase significantly. Or directly to the home of the five car for seven cars? Such a car at least need to meet what conditions? First of all, the seven seats can make adults comfortable ride. Secondly, do not increase too much fuel consumption, or raise the cost of car. Moreover, the price is not too high but not too lost face. At the same time to meet these needs, take a look at the car, a superb collection of beautiful things really not much, right. Seven seat version Fumei hippocampus car recently launched at the same time, is able to meet the needs of the models, we specially went to Hainan to drive the car experience. The United States seven edition, V70 changed its name from the hippocampus. In the future, the hippocampus car product line will be divided into two large arrays of cars and SUV, and all models of the car will be unified to the United States to the United states. Familiar with the 1.5T engine is still the main force, but the transmission is replaced by more economical and durable 6 block manual. Seven models become the absolute main force, six seater will only accept reservations. All of these changes are moving in one direction, trying to satisfy all the needs of the big family. Design: a stable yet rousing spirit   the basic parameters of 2017 1.5T manual · Wyatt type 7 MSRP $89 thousand and 900 manufacturer Haima automobile body structure MPV 1.5T engine with 156 horsepower inline 4 cylinder gearbox 6 speed manual transmission maximum speed (km h) official 0-100 acceleration (s) – Official integrated fuel consumption (L) 7.5, the Ministry of integrated fuel consumption (L 7.5) 60 thousand km vehicle warranty of 3 years the body parameters of 2017 1.5T manual · Wyatt type 7 seat long × wide; × high (mm) 4750× 1800× 1695 wheelbase (mm) track front rear wheel distance (mm) – min. spacing (mm) mass (Kg) – (a) the number of car seats (a) volume (L) trunk volume (L) 110-850 engine parameters of 2017 1.5T manual · Wyatt type 7 engine structure inline intake turbo type multi injection form Electric jet cylinder valve per cylinder number (a) (a) compression ratio of × – bore; stroke – engine specific technology – exhaust (mL) car相关的主题文章: