Xun Yugen 3140 is the breakdown of the probability that the market will be extended upward amplitude 魔界骑士イングリッド

Xun Yugen: 3140 points breakdown is the probability of the market to broaden the amplitude source: WeChat public "Xun Yu Kan – strategy" Author: Xun Yu Kan, Shen Hao core conclusion: accelerated depreciation in B shares and the RMB It’s raining and blowing hard. Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.9%, last week, the visible market is relatively strong, maintain more "optimistic about the future" such an optimistic view. The devaluation of the renminbi to the dollar, compared to other non US currencies, the renminbi more strong, NDF showed long-term expected depreciation has not deteriorated, these are different from 15 years in August and early 16, no need to worry. Bad digestion, the country to accelerate the development of small and medium data and the emergence of outstanding positive factors, the market will increase the amplitude of the expansion, in order to really grow and country to spear, consumption as a shield. The sun is still last week in B shares and accelerated depreciation of the RMB under the It’s raining and blowing hard. does not fall up, Shanghai 0.9%, visible market is relatively strong. After a week in the depreciation of real estate regulation and the exchange rate of the bad, did not stop the index rose, the Shanghai Composite Index and the gem index rose 2%. On Friday 21 yuan against the dollar rate of expansion, some people worry that the increased devaluation will cause the market to fall, we maintain a more optimistic future "October", "little sun", "a narrow range of outcomes: to broaden the" three report view, market for amplitude to broaden. The market has 1 Kangzhu rain, to widen the amplitude of postganglionic bearish constantly, the market trend has been verified Kangzhu rain. On Monday, A shares fell 0.7% B-share market impact, but a strong rebound in 1.4% on Tuesday last week, in addition to accelerated depreciation of the RMB, especially Friday the U.S. dollar against the RMB exchange rate from 6.478 to 6.766, in which multiple negative factors in Shanghai last week It’s raining and blowing hard., rose 0.9%, visible market is relatively strong. Since October, bearish constantly, such as real estate regulation tightening, the Fed rate hike probability rise, the devaluation of the renminbi, the market does not fall up, before that market consolidation has the bad Price in, analogy is 5 months late this year. In October 21st, the National Bureau of Statistics announced price data, quickly reflect recent changes in the real estate market, the National Bureau of statistics in September 70 large and medium-sized city housing statistics at the same time, 15 of them first and some hot second tier city in the first half of October the real estate market situation of statistics. Compared with September, the city of the first half of October new figures for the price of commercial housing index were decreased, indicating that the local conditions, because of regulatory policy of city facilities strategy, part of the excessive price growth has been significantly curbed. It can be inferred that the real estate regulatory policy will not be more short-term, this bad without fear. For the devaluation of the renminbi, we believe that the same need not worry, the devaluation of the background and the first 15 years of August and early 15 by the end of 16 different, we analyzed in detail. Learn from history, to broaden the amplitude. Compared with foreign countries, A shares higher amplitude, the world’s largest stock index since the establishment of the annual average amplitude, since 1928 the S & P 500 index for an average annual amplitude of 28%, since 1984, the UK FTSE index of the average annual;相关的主题文章: