Morita Take traced the actress Rie Miyazawa house dating for the night-下北glory days

Morita Take was in the home of actress Rie Miyazawa Rie Miyazawa overnight dating data for Sina entertainment according to Japanese media reports, actress Rie Miyazawa was released in October 27th "magazine fashion" magazine broke the news and V6 Morita Take reported that the October 22nd date for the night, the night of Rie Miyazawa and Morita Take in a bookstore dating Tokyo Daikanyama, after the two went back to Rie Miyazawa’s house. Morita Take and Rie Miyazawa in August this year, the cooperation for the memorial late director Ningawa Yukio staged drama, after the start of communication. They are not only photographed together after the bookstore to go home, but also by friends at the airport, when they were in Okinawa sweet date. Rie Miyazawa married a professional surfer and a daughter in April 2009, divorced in March. It is reported that Morita Take and Rie Miyazawa are both firms did not deny it, so the two love has many blessings, recently remarried pregnant former morning Musume Kago Ai called the envy of the handsome beauty. On the other hand, there are some discordant notes, after the publication of the public, the Internet called the so-called Morita Take and former girlfriend’s photo, the photo is unknown. The photo shoot was a gesture of victory of beauty, there is a man like Morita Take, beauty users guess may be Morita Take ex girlfriend actress Miyuki Alice. Morita Take and Rie Miyazawa love photos just in the morning of October 27th at the start of the exposure of the twitter spread, they love the April 2014 exposure, Morita Take and Miyuki Alice together at that time from the Morita family, was a weekly magazine reporter photographed in July 2015, Alice left showbiz meixue. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: