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South Korean coastguard and machine gun fire China boats firing 95 rounds the original title: foreign media: South Korean coastguard shot again Chinese fishing this month second times. [global network reporter Guo Yuandan reported: according to U.S. media reports, the morning of 12 South Korean coastguard ships fired on illegal fishing boats Chinese, this is a month second similar events. Korea maritime police agency said Saturday, South Korean coastguard 12, 11:16 in the morning in the waters near Inchon. About 30 ships illegal fishing boats China. After warnings, South Korean coastguard M60 to China fishing machine gun shooting, firing 95 rounds. There are no reports of casualties in South korea. But there is no known Chinese fishing boats damaged, South Korea has been informed of the incident on china. Korea maritime patrol security headquarters this week issued a "guide" the use of weapons, police violence encountered in the process of law enforcement against the law, "the first fire report". In November 1st, South Korea for the first time to China fishing boats opened fire, police used the M60 machine gun fires more than and 600 bullets, this is for the first time in the South Korean coastguard heavy weapons shooting China fishing. South Korean diplomats said this, if a similar situation, South Korea will still use weapon attack. "The Chinese side of the ROK military force of violent law enforcement behavior expressed strong dissatisfaction, on the 2 day, the foreign ministry’s regular press conference, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying on the incident a tough response. Hua Chunying said that China once again urged South Korea to exercise restraint in the process of law enforcement, standardize law enforcement activities, shall not take any may jeopardize the safety of Chinese personnel excesses, and effectively protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese people. China has repeatedly said that the Chinese authorities attach great importance to and strengthen the management and restraint of Chinese fishermen. At the same time, hoped that the ROK and China to strengthen communication and coordination, to properly handle the problems in the fishery cooperation. Chinese analysts believe that the South Korean coastguard to use heavy weapons, not only is not appropriate, but will also have a very bad effect on the relationship between China and South Korea, the atmosphere of bilateral relations. In the current Sino ROK relations in the context of frustration, the relationship between the two countries, the stability of the national mood of the two countries will also have a very big impact. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: