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Beijing – VIDEO – on both sides of new collective wedding ceremony held in Hanfu has concentric cross-strait new collective wedding ceremony held in Hanfu has concentric [comment] fifty-one couples from both sides of the Strait, in November 12th held a collective wedding in Xiamen, and the general western style wedding, the new people dressed in red clothes, one heart, experience a tradition of the Chinese nation the wedding ceremony of the charm. [comment] in this special wedding, new people according to the ancient rites, accompanied by melodious music slowly into the scene, came to their case before she Zhi in the main guide, for the same prison ceremony, ritual ceremony officially concentric, loving husband and wife. In the fifty-one couples, both the mainland, the island of Taiwan and Kinmen new combination, and on both sides of the Straits combination [comment] from the mainland, Chen Yiping and Li Yuefeng from Taipei is one of the Straits combination". In order not to regret, they prepared for the wedding a few days ahead of schedule, from the steps of the ceremony, action and other aspects of repeated practice. They told reporters that this wedding is not only embodies the commitment of love, but also the cultural heritage, it is worth attending. [] the groom in Taiwan is ready to be in a good mood, and then we practice each other this evening, a ritual, and hope to be as perfect as possible. [] the same period, the bride Chen Yiping we are able to participate in a collective wedding ceremony like this, then this is so strong, a traditional culture such as breath, let me feel the rest of our life is very memorable, a very meaningful experience. [comment] organizers, the traditional wedding etiquette is the blessing of the couple and the love and responsibility, the new people each with half a gourd wine, then immediately gourd together, with red silk wrapped around the gourd gourd, on behalf of many sons, tied with a red rope. It is a symbol of the new couple from one, never separated. [main] Zhi Fu Ya Han period marriage and wedding is in accordance with Zhou Dai’s etiquette, some process set down to do so, in fact, until now, we have some new Chinese style is added, but today we do pure Chinese (wedding). [comment] it is reported that four years of cross-strait marriage tourism culture festival every year to organize cross-strait group wedding, has been held in Taichung, Penghu, Kinmen and Xiamen, this year is the first time to integrate into the Chinese cultural elements in the collective wedding. Li Siyuan Fujian Xiamen相关的主题文章: