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Global nickel market or oversupply of funds transferred to the shortage of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Philippines next year will continue to reduce the export data from the General Administration of customs, in 2015, Philippines has Chinese to export 34 million 280 thousand tons of nickel ore, nickel ore imports accounted for about 97.17% of the total China, accounting for about 75.6% of the total exports of Philippines nickel mine; the first half of 2016, Philippines cumulative Chinese to export 10 million 670 thousand tons of nickel ore, nickel ore imports accounted for 95.8 of the total Chinese. Philippines accounts for about 62% of the total exports of nickel ore. Visible Chinese is the first exporter of Philippines nickel mine, Philippines nickel mine and the importance for Chinese is self-evident. Affected by the Philippines environmental protection policy, has been ordered to shut down the Philippines nickel enterprises have 6, involving 7 mines, respectively is 4 seat area Zambales (ZDMC, LNL, Eramen, Bengt), the Palawan area 3 (Berong1 block, Citinickel has 2 seats). The 6 nickel prices in 2015 shipments of 2 million 557 thousand tons, accounting for the total shipments of 7.9%, of which ZDMC and Bengt did not ship records in 2015. Zambales area now has entered the rainy season (4 – November), during which not mine mining and shipping, because in addition, shipments of nickel ore in the region accounted for only 10% of total shipments to Philippines, therefore, the area of nickel mine closed down the supply pattern of the impact of the current relatively small. The Berong mine in Palawan area recently shut down or the supply of nickel ore have practical implications, in areas with high nickel Su shipments accounted for nearly half of total shipments to Philippines, in addition, in the highland region will sue from the beginning of October rainy season. Philippines’s main mining period is from 2005 to 2014, 2014 and 2015, the main export is before the inventory of nickel ore, nickel ore inventory has been basically clear at this stage, the future export volume to maintain the main ore through the exploitation of new mines. According to the Philippines policy, when mining nickel ore according to the low grade and high grade in the proportion of 6:1 mining. Therefore, since March this year exports of low grade nickel ore is a China increased demand for low grade nickel increases, the passive increase caused another policy requirements. Philippines is expected this year, exports of 40 million 120 thousand tons of nickel ore, and 45 million 350 thousand tons last year compared to 11.5% yoy. Among them, in 2015 the high grade nickel amount to 30 million 660 thousand tons in 2016, the total amount of high grade nickel ore is expected to be 21 million 950 thousand tons, down 28.4%, equivalent to about 80 thousand tons of pure nickel. Reduce the export volume of Philippines nickel mine directly affect the supply of nickel ore in our country, the second half is expected to appear nickel ore supply situation. Considering yet there are signs that the government intends to release before the mines shut down, and the beginning of October, Philippines accounted for nearly half of the nickel ore shipments in Su highland will be because of the arrival of the rainy season production, then Palawan production area of nickel相关的主题文章: