6 group of stealing dogs in Harbin, Jilin crime 200-easeljs

6 people were stealing dogs "in Harbin, Jilin 200 from the crime of holding a large iron tongs broken dog chains, with a murderous look scared the dog only obediently follow. Just 8 months, the 6 gang has stolen dogs in Harbin, Jilin crime more than 200, some were stolen dogs they ate some meat, sold to the hotel. In the village a month lost more than ten dogs, many German shepherd, Tibetan mastiff mastiff etc. the morning of March 29th this year, Hulan district farmer Wu got up to the yard, nothing happened to your dog laps, he hurriedly went to see, the original home raised 5 dogs only a Caucasian dogs still in situ, 4 German Shepherds are gone, the dog’s iron chain was pinched off. Of the stolen dogs, two were puppies born just 3 months old, and the other two had been 3 years old. The dog was stolen, Wu a home on fire. The village of Zhang and Wu encountered the same, in April 26th, he deliberately spend a lot of money to buy cattle to see the Tibetan mastiff was also stolen in the middle of the night, the dog circle also left a steal dog used iron pliers. In the following period of time, more than ten farmer’s dogs were stolen in succession. In order to prevent the theft, some dog owners even installed monitoring and alarm. There are people over the wall to help investigators access to surveillance video, dog theft gangs surfaced in Hulan Public Security Bureau found a 4 man stealing a dog Gang, driving a Jetta car, one to take over the wall to steal the dog with big iron pliers, a wall – a lookout, and one car. Over the wall and then, dragged the dog turned out from the wall, into the car trunk. This group of people is not only the night village to steal the dog, dare to check out the location of the day. One day after the incident, a villager saw the Jetta and immediately photographed it with his mobile phone and reflected the situation to the police. A police investigation found that the owner named Han, Nehe City, is the suspect of stealing the dog. In September 13th, Hulan police arrested 4 people, such as Han, and another two were wanted. Holding pincers with murderous, scared the dog obediently follow the 6 people, 5 people are the inmates, they start to steal the dog was released from prison after the sale. From this year, 1 months to 8 months, six suspects there are successively in town, county, Cheng, Pine North, Wuchang City, Lanxi County, Jilin Province Yushu city crime more than 200. Some of the stolen dogs were eaten by them, some sold to dog dealers and restaurants. 4 dogs of the Wu family stolen because sells goods, was sold to the field. The police found the 4 dogs and returned them to wu. Why are these guard dogs will not see Han? Han confessed that he stole the dog when bitten by a dog, but he also raised a dog, the dogs are more familiar with, as long as he took the iron pliers pull the dog, the dog will feel full of murderous, most dogs once Jiaoduan the chain, obediently go with him. After the fence, Han share half of the profits, the rest of the money to other people. At present, the suspects have been under criminal detention, the police have verified more than 60 cases of stealing dogs, involving tens of thousands of dollars. (source news: Harbin News Network – new evening news)

6人组“偷狗帮” 在哈市、吉林作案200起   拿着大铁钳子夹断拴狗铁链,带着杀气吓得狗只能乖乖跟着走。短短8个月里,这6人偷狗团伙先后在哈市、吉林作案200余起,偷来的狗有的被他们吃了肉,有的卖给了饭店。   村里一个月丢十余条狗,不乏德牧、藏獒等猛犬   今年3月29日早上,呼兰区的农户吴某起床往院里一看,自家狗圈里一点动静也没有,他连忙出去看,原来自家养的5条狗只剩一条高加索犬还在原地,4条德国牧羊犬都不见了,拴狗的铁链子被人夹断了。被偷的狗中,有两条是刚出生3个月的幼犬,另外两条已经养了3年。爱犬被偷,吴某一家都上了火。   村里的张某跟吴某一样遭遇,4月26日,他特意花高价买来看牛的藏獒也在半夜被人偷走了,狗圈里还留了一把偷狗人用过的铁钳子。   接下来的一段时间里,村里十几家农户的狗也接连被偷,为了防止再被盗,有的养狗的人家甚至安装了监控和报警器。   有人翻墙有人接应,偷狗团伙浮出水面   呼兰公安分局的侦查员调取监控录像发现一个4人的偷狗团伙,开着一辆捷达车,一人拿着大铁钳子翻墙偷狗,一人墙外接应,一人望风,还有一人开车。翻墙的人得手后,会拽着狗从院墙翻出去,塞进车后备厢里逃走。这伙人不仅晚上会进村偷狗,白天也敢来踩点。案发后的一天白天,一位村民看到了这辆捷达车,就立刻用手机拍了照并将此情况反映给了警方。警方一查,发现车主名叫韩某,讷河市人,正是偷狗的嫌疑人。9月13日,呼兰警方抓获了韩某等4名涉案人员,另有两人被通缉。   持铁钳带杀气,吓得狗乖乖跟着走   涉案的6人中,有5人是狱友,出狱后他们做起了偷狗的买卖。从今年1月到8月,六个犯罪嫌疑人有分有合地先后在呼兰、宾县、阿城、松北、五常市、兰西县、吉林省榆树市作案200多起。偷来的狗有的被他们吃了,有的被卖给了狗贩子和饭店。吴某家被盗的4条犬因为品相好,被卖到了外地。民警找到了这4条犬,并将其归还给吴某。   为何这些看家护院的狗会看到韩某不叫?韩某交代,他偷狗时也被狗咬过,但是他也养过狗,对狗的习性比较熟悉,只要他拿着铁钳子牵狗时,狗就会感觉到充满杀气,绝大多数的狗一旦被绞断了铁链,就顺从地跟他走了。销赃后,韩某分得一半的利润,剩下的钱均分给其他人。   目前,涉案嫌疑人已被刑事拘留,警方已经核实60多起盗狗案件,涉案金额数万元。   (稿源: 哈尔滨新闻网-新晚报)相关的主题文章: