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UnCategorized Panic attacks are debilitating occurrences that effect many adults and even in some cases children of all demographics. They happen generally in stressful situations but can also occur out of nowhere and strike anyone, even those with no history of illness or mental dysfunction. Symptoms include a quickening of pulse rate, a shortness of breath and headaches. Feelings of dread and fear are .mon. The person having the attack feels overwhelmed and out of control and may even claim to be going crazy. So what treatments are available for sufferers of this debilitating condition? Although treatment at home is possible, one must be careful not to confuse a panic attack with a serious illness like a heart attack. Even for doctors in the emergency room this can be a concern as they are evaluating the patient. Treatment at home begins with relaxation of the shoulders. Be.e aware of any tension there and relax those muscles. After this, gently and progressively relax all of the major muscles on the upper body then down to the extremities. All along the way breathe in and out with each muscle connecting it to the specific breath. Breathing should be controlled and slowed down to a constant rate. Put your hands on stomach and concentrate on each breath individually. Feel each one as it .es in and out. Breathe deep and full and let your body relax. Repeating positive chants over and over again can help restore a sense of well-being. Tell yourself you are not going crazy. Talking equals breathing that is a sign of panic and being able to function like your normal self. This is an example of treating panic attacks with relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises and other stretching practices such as yoga are known to help panic attack sufferers. Chanting a specific mantra can help calm the mind. When panic strikes so quickly, slowing things down with thoughtful actions can be the difference between the attack going away or worse. Panic can strike anywhere at any time. Recognizing specific circumstances where attacks are more likely, such as heavy traffic, dealing with a demanding boss or difficult deadlines, can help the sufferer avoid having an attack. When the attack is sudden, being trained in the right treatment, especially when no help is nearby, can be a life saver. Other treatments include going to see a specialist like a doctor. But since panic attacks last less then an hour, by the time the person has gone to the doctor and waited in the office, the attack is over. But the doctor is necessary to rule out any other more serious afflictions the person having an attack might have. The doctor may decide to prescribe a drug at this time. Whatever treatment is chosen, be sure to give it time. Practicing the breathing techniques and giving the proper amount of patience to any regime is important for long time change. Panic attacks can worsen over time if they are not dealt with in the right way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: