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Pregnancy There are many different types of home DNA test kits that are now available both over the counter and online in the United States. Often called "direct-to-consumer" tests, these DNA test kits allow people to engage in a variety of different forms of testing in the privacy of their own homes. There are a variety of different home DNA test kits currently available. These include: 1) Paternity Test Kits. These DNA tests will help determine whether a man is the biological father of a child. The father, child and in some cases the mother will all be tested using either a cotton swab, hair or blood (finger-prick) test kit. 2) Ge.ic Test Kits. These tests will help determine whether a person has a ge.ic predisposition to a certain disease. Consumers should be aware that the importance of ge.ic predisposition for disease must be weighed in relation to many other factors such as environmental and dietary causes of disease, and that a result that shows a ge.ic predisposition does not necessarily mean that the individual will actually develop the disease. 3) Ancestry Test Kits. These kits can help individuals determine their ge.ic ancestry. The reliability of these tests can vary considerably, and consumers should be cautious about interpreting the results from these test kits. Depending on the state the you live in, the availability of DNA test kits will vary. Some states, like New York, have very strict regulations of DNA tests, and many European countries ban them altogether. Part of the reason these tests are often strongly regulated has to do with the fear that consumers will not be able to properly understand or interpret the results they receive, or that they may abuse these kits in some way that does harm to themselves or others. If you choose to purchase and use a DNA test kit, you should educate yourself properly on how to interpret the results and consult a doctor immediately if you have any serious questions regarding the results you receive from your DNA test. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: