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Web-Development A majority of the websites in todays era is based on WordPress development platform. Simplicity and user friendly features are the two most important reasons why more and more people are attracted to this platform. Ten reasons why you must choose WordPress for developing your business website: – 1. Easy to Use- The way to use WordPress is really simple. The WordPress website development .pany once they create the WordPress site for you their work gets over. From here you can easily add content, edit them, and delete them as per your current requirements. There is no requirement to hire an IT person for such upgradations. 2. Flexible Platform- Numerous categories of websites can be built using this platform like blogs, websites, websites for private or government usage, news website or a forum or online .munity. 3. Plugins and Extensions- For upgrading your website and to add up to its functionalities a variety of extensions and plugins are offered by WordPress which is .patible and matches majority of your requirements. 4. SEO – The best part about developing an online website using WordPress is that it has an inbuilt search engine optimization prone platform. 90% of the .plicacies faced by search engines are taken care of by the platform from beforehand. 5. Social Media Optimisation The platform is also flexible enough to get integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and a lot more. 6. Support and Help- This content management system is open source. And hence it has a huge amount of fan followers and online .munity where you can get endless help from users as well as other developers. 7. Themes- The WordPress API offers a variety of powerful themes. Some of these are free while some are premium. Based on the layout requirements one has WordPress themes can easily be designed as per that. 8. Publishing is Simple- The process of publishing posts and .ments is highly simplified in this platform. Posts can be scheduled for publishing based on date and time. The inbuilt .menting system allows users to post their views and also has provisions for you to reply to their enquiries. Hence, it helps building up a great consumer and vendor relationship. 9. Customised Tool-Wordpress provides custom website application development using tools like HTTP requests, database management system, translations, world clock, URL redirecting tools and many more. 10. Installation and Upgradation is Simple- The process to install is simply a 5 minute process. Once installed the process to upgrade WordPress is also very simple. Hence, WordPress if chosen the business is bound to enter a new phase of operations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: