Use Employee Surveys And To Improve Overall Human Resources Management-姉summer

UnCategorized As a CEO or business head, you sometimes fail to see the world in the eyes of your employee. You think of numbers while an employee thinks of .pensation and job security. Remember that your employees are the front line of your .pany who engage with your clients on a day to day basis and they are the only ones who can produce the numbers that you want. Neglecting an employee is the gravest mistake you can ever do because he or she is an intrinsic force in your organization that has the power to influence other employees that can impact lost productivity or worse, lost employees and dissatisfied workers. Not only that, they know your business by heart, sometimes more than you do, and can contribute extensively on how you can drive your business to success. Have you ever found yourself taking care of a problem and asking your employee what best to do? A modern way in approaching employee-management relationships is through employee engagement. Actively interact with your employees on a daily basis to encourage a lighter atmosphere and openness in the working environment. But for starters, implementing employee surveys for a collective analysis of how your management is perceived is the best solution. Employee surveys aim to identify the important drivers that motivate them for the utmost productivity, allow them to contribute suggestions and practical solutions to driving business success and determine how long an employee plans to serve your .pany based on how they feel. On a larger scale, it identifies the health of your current working environment and the immediate changes you need to make to spur success. Ensure that you read every survey and consider every suggestion. Once these changes are made, you will see the impact almost immediately on higher productivity, healthy camaraderie, motivated employees and what you need most, higher returns. The logic behind this is simple, a motivated employee does not need to be managed as closely because he or she wants to succeed on their own and require less overseeing. This also applies to other aspects that drive your workforce like a Pareto Principle. If you can identify what causes twenty percent of the challenges your organization is facing and eliminate them, then you have just solved the other eighty percent of the problems that were caused by them. Customer satisfaction is client retention. Businesses believe that it is more expensive to acquire new clients than retain the old ones. In a sense this is true, but would you not rather keep old clients and gain new simultaneously and expand your client base? Why is customer satisfaction important? Satisfied clients are those who keep you in business. You see, a satisfied customer can create a positive viral effect on your business. For instance, you open a coffee shop, you have very few visitors for the first few days but nevertheless you give every customer feel special by providing them with the best coffee you have while offering today’s newspaper to ac.pany their cup of coffee in case he wants to read it. The customer gets the newspaper, scans the headlines and makes a .ment about it; you smile and make an opinion of your own then they retreat to a cozy corner chair and go through the paper. When you see that their cup of coffee is almost empty, you approach them and offer a refill. When they are done and ready to leave, you smile and ask if they enjoyed the coffee and if they have any suggestions. It doesn’t stop there. They go home, they tell their spouse, who tells their friends and they decide visit your coffee shop the very next day. And the cycle goes on and on, by the time you know it, your business is expanding rapidly. It was not the coffee at all, it was the experience. The same goes for unsatisfied clients. The best way to avoid unhappy clients is by asking every customer to relate their experience through customer satisfaction surveys and by asking what you could have done better on their next visit. It also aims to validate what your employee surveys data tells you. This is the only way you can retain your client base and create innovative ideas for your human resources management to bring your business to the next level. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: