Things You Can And Cant Eat On A Gluten-free Diet-小坂めぐる

Food-and-Drink Finding out you suffer from a gluten allergy can be a frustrating time in your life – especially if food is one of your passions. You probably think youll be destined for a life of boring and plain foods that leave your taste buds depressed, and a stressful road ahead that sees you struggling to separate the good foods from the bad. Were here to tell you thats not the case! By checking out our guidelines below, knowing what you can and cant eat will be easy, and youll discover that a gluten-free diet doesnt have to be a burden. The bad stuff Lets set the scene – next time youre offered cake, pizza, bread, beer, pasta, confectionery or hot chips, you need to say no. Thats because gluten is rife throughout these products, and unless its been specifically identified as gluten-free, you can basically guarantee it will make you sick. Remember, anything with wheat, rye, barley or oats will contain gluten, and should be avoided. Always check the labels for any of these ingredients, and ask waiters to do it for you at restaurants. (Dont be concerned with making their lives hard, theyd much rather know and not risk the consequences!) The naturally good stuff You may be surprised to learn that you already eat lots of products which naturally do not contain gluten. Think eggs, meat, plain milk, fruit, vegetables, nuts, plain rice – and for caffeine addicts, rest easy because tea and coffee is .pletely safe. You should start incorporating foods and drinks like these into your diet as much as possible, and use gluten-free recipes to spice the meals up. The artificially good stuff If you shed a tear over the fact that bread, confectionery, pasta and cake was included in the bad list, dont get too ahead of yourself. We live in an age where human beings have learned to adapt to pretty much every curve ball thrown our way – so yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. Visit a gluten-free store or section of the supermarket and youll find all of the above made in a special gluten-free recipe. Celiac disease sufferers are blessed to live in the age that we do, because in the 21st century being allergic to gluten really wont have a huge effect. Doctors and dietitians will tell you what types of foods that you can and cant eat, and thanks to a .bination of science and culinary expertise, all those delicious foods you simply cant resist will more often than not .e in a gluten-free form. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: