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8 – 10 days of rainfall in Guangxi total cooling cooling 8 C and 12 C of contemporary life daily news (reporter correspondent Hu Lingling       Xu Yan) the cold air also belongs to the type of more anxious temper, also a day to spearhead its (cold front) in yesterday morning around 11 rushed to the sea. It is also because of the "personality", the rash and too much in haste after the cold air there are different degrees of rapid cooling. According to meteorological data, from 7 pm to yesterday during the day, North Guangxi, Guangxi has the temperature around 7 C and 11 C, local decline of more than 13 DEG C. 4 pm to 8 pm yesterday, Nanning temperature from 23 degrees to 19 degrees; the day of 6, the Guangxi meteorological observatory released the second half of this year the first cold blue warning. With the rain falling down, which makes the whole world more cold, rain is not a small range, in addition to the southeast of Guangxi with scattered showers, other areas have emerged in some areas of West Guangxi rain appeared to heavy rain. As of 17 o’clock yesterday, the first 24 hours of rainfall statistics show that the maximum rainfall occurs in Baise, Jingxi canal town, reached 75.9 mm. Look at the street everybody put a thick coat tightly wrapped, open, Pro has been heavily armed, we finally have a "winter" to the real sense. Moreover, according to the Guangxi meteorological observatory is expected, with the continued to move south of the main cold air in Guangxi, 8 – 10, Guangxi, the cool rain will continue, there will be local northern cold weather, 10 days ago I district will be a rainy day, the temperature in case of rain, the temperature of the lower sense of decency. Guangxi fans know, cold not cold, cold is cold to the bone. 17 yesterday, Guangxi meteorological observatory issued a cold blue warning, from yesterday to today, in some areas of Baise, Hechi, Liuzhou, Guilin, Nanning, guests, Chongzuo City, a small to moderate rain, local heavy rain, other areas cloudy with light rain in our region. Affected by cold air, continued to decline by 3 C and 5 C northern temperatures, local area will appear cold weather, southern Guangxi temperature drop of 6 C and 8 C. According to the Guangxi meteorological observatory expert analysis, the strong cold air has a fast moving speed, temperature range and accompanied by strong winds and rainfall characteristics. It is expected that the whole process of cold air, the Ministry of Guangxi will be a total cooling of 8 degrees – 12 degrees C, local temperature of 14 degrees – 15 degrees, and yesterday and today, the two day, will be the coldest period of the process. However, as long as we cool the weather in the right way, the same can be found around the beautiful and happy. For example, the cold rainy night and warm bed, such as air filled with sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, then go home after a meal of hot meals…… Nanning city weather forecast for the next 3 days of rain in November 9th     12 DEG -14 DEG   the northeast wind in November 10th 2 rain     11 DEG -15 DEG   north wind 1-2   November 11th; overcast to cloudy   12 DEG -23 DEG   north wind 1-2 Guangxi)相关的主题文章: