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"A hairpin 37 yuan" was fined 90 thousand, barber shop boss to beg to excuse little Gu, this hairstyle worth 1776 yuan. Wanted to cut only 10 yuan of hair, was said to be tempted by the barber, made a "37 yuan" hairstyle, checkout when you have to pay 1776 yuan, because it is not a hairstyle 37 yuan, but to do the clip with a hair, a 37 yuan. Because of price fraud, a barber shop in Ningbo was fined 90 thousand yuan by the price department (the newspaper reported in September 28th A9 and October 22nd A6). Recently, the head of the barbershop posted a public apology on the Internet, hoping to be forgiven by the public, and promised that the people under 60 years old and children under 10 years old could have their hair cut free at the barber shop. The network said he wanted to do business promised "never cheat the person in charge of the barber shop the net posts written in November 2nd, titled" reflection again on the 37 reflection, a clip of a letter of apology ", the letter said:" this is my wife and I borrowed the money to open shop, we are both in rural areas, not what money at home, then borrow money to open the shop, is to do business honestly. I turned it around, and it was only a few months away. I was at home when it happened, and I didn’t think I’d go back for a day, and the staff would do it. Employees can say no money, big deal, I go, but I can not. This store is our effort and hope, something happened, we admit mistakes, also accept punishment, and sincere apology to the parties concerned." Barber shop boss also made three promises in the post: first, the price is absolutely open and fair; two, 60 years old and above, 10 years old and below the child haircut permanent free; three, never flicker guests. Currently to pay a fine of post for a pardon from yesterday, the evening news reporter contacted the post of the person in charge of the barber shop Fang chuan. He said he couldn’t say he was the boss because the barber shop was run by a Hangzhou company, and he managed the store in Ningbo only as a company employee, but he and his wife invested 40 thousand yuan in 4% of the shares. Because the barber’s business license is to use the wife ID card, so the fine of 90 thousand yuan fell to their heads. Fang Chuan said, these days they are around to pay the fine on the first. The reason for posting on the Internet, he said, although they did wrong, but still want to get everyone’s forgiveness, but also through public apology, indicating the determination of rectification. He also told reporters that after the event, he intended to dismiss the two employees, but read them in their families more difficult, temporarily let them suspend their reflection, but also their grades were downgraded. "Our shop has never been charging fees according to the number of hairpins, these two employees may be due to greater pressure on performance appraisal, made such behavior." He said that the current assessment methods have been adjusted, no longer only as a member of the performance evaluation indicators, and to assess the number of repeat customers. More importantly, the store has made a clear price list, and asked the clerk to show to each customer, the store will also put reminders posters. As for the promise of a free haircut for the elderly and children, he said that it was hoped that the practice would be done in a practical way.

“一个发夹37元”被罚9万 理发店老板发帖求原谅小顾这个发型价值1776元。本想只剪个10元钱的头发,被理发师说动心,做了“一个37元”的发型,结账时却要付1776元,因为不是一个发型37元,而是做头发用的夹子一个37元。因为涉嫌价格欺诈,宁波一理发店被物价部门罚款9万元(本报9月28日A9、10月22日A6曾作报道)。近日,这家理发店的负责人在网上发帖公开道歉,希望得到市民的原谅,并承诺今后60岁以上老人和10岁以下小孩在理发店可以免费理发。网帖称自己本想老实做生意承诺今后“绝不忽悠”该理发店负责人的网帖写于11月2日,名为《反省再反省,关于37一个夹子的道歉信》,信是这么写的:“这个店是我和老婆借钱开的,我们俩都是农村的,家里没什么钱,当时借钱开这个店,就是为了老老实实做点生意养家糊口。店是我转过来的,也才开几个月。事情发生的时候我正在家,我没想到我回去一天,员工竟然这样做。员工可以说没钱,大不了我走,但是我不能。这店是我们俩的心血和希望,事情发生了,我们承认错误,也接受处罚,并对当事人进行了诚恳的道歉。”理发店老板还在帖子中作出三点承诺:一、价格绝对公开公正清楚;二、60岁以上老人10岁以下小孩剪发永久免费;三、绝不忽悠客人。目前正在凑钱交罚款发帖是希望得到原谅昨天,钱江晚报记者联系上了发帖的理发店负责人方川。他表示,自己并不能说是老板,因为理发店是一家杭州公司直营的,自己只是作为公司员工管理宁波这家店,不过,他和妻子投入4万元入了4%的股份。因为理发店营业执照是用方川妻子身份证办的,所以,9万元的罚款就落到了他们头上。方川说,这几天自己正在四处凑钱,先把罚款交上。对于网上发帖的原因,他说,虽然他们做错了,但是还是希望得到大家的原谅,也通过公开道歉,表明整改的决心。已制作明确价目表还调整了员工考核标准方川告诉记者,事情发生后,他本打算辞退这两名员工,但念在他们家庭比较困难,暂时让他们停职反省,也把他们的级别进行了降级。“我们店里从来没有按照发夹数量计费的收费方式,这两名员工可能是因为业绩考核压力较大,做出了这样的行为。”他说,目前店里的考核方式已经进行了调整,不再仅以会员办理作为业绩考核指标,而要考核回头客的数量。更重要的是,店里已经制作了明确的价目表,并要求店员向每一名顾客出示,店里也会张贴提醒海报。至于老人小孩免费理发的承诺,他表示,这样做是希望用实际行动,让大家看到自己改正错误的决心。相关的主题文章: