A Message From Pandora – Avatars Director James Cameron Calls To Save The Amazon Rainforest-pgd-426

News-and-Society James Cameron is not only one of the greatest, most meaningful, and most history making directors of our time, but he also has a message! With creating ‘Pandora’ in his latest movie ‘Avatar’ he recreated our world how it once had been. He shows us the beauty of nature, the things, and the magic we don’t see since we take it for granted, but that actually surrounds us and to which we have to .e back. Just the same important, James foreshadows a very particular future that awaits us, if we don’t take action and make a difference today. Someday there probably is no more green and resources in this world and mankind probably exploits other intact ecosystems, but at the same time kills their inhabitants as well like before on earth in order to survive — again thinking only of its own sake! Now the Brazilian government is planing to build the world’s third biggest dam in the Amazon. This dam not only destroys the habitat of countless animals and primitive peoples, but it also strongly influences the rainforest itself and its tree population. James Cameron made a short documentation on this latest topic. This whole topic is especially sad since we need every tree alive that we can keep alive in order the save the climate’s and ecosystem’s balance. And it’s even worse: In fact we’d have to afforest an area as big as Canada in order to fully recover and balance the ecosystem we’ve destroyed so far! I know, it’s terrible to be part of the species that is about to kill earth, but: We also have the ability to love, and there are so many beautiful things that people have created and still do create! Men are not all the same, and in fact, it’s only a very small minority that ruthlessly takes everything and due to whom nature falls victim to profit. Unfortunately, we — all of us who are on the Na’vi’s side or even want to be one of them ourselves — only think that there’s too few of us and that we don’t have any power! Sure, the lobby has big money and thus influence, but we are mighty, and we are many, and we are the majority. We won’t allow that some profit-hungry profiteers take liberties of destroying our world for base motives like making more money though they already have got more than enough! "The sky-people have sent us a message – that they can take whatever they want and no one can stop it. But we will send them a message: […] We will show the sky-people that they cannot take whatever they want! And that this, this is our land!" (Jake Sully, Avatar) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: