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Travel-and-Leisure Whitby is located in Yorkshire on the east coast. There is great history to Whitby and it also has cute pantile cottages, a harbour that is in use, an abbey, streets made of cobble, and, according to locals, the best fish and chips around! It is located nearby the National Park of North York Moors and also near to some fishing towns called Robin Hood’s Bay and Staithes. There are a lot of shops for tea, bars, restaurants, and cafes in Whitby as well. The locations that are most popular in that area are Botham’s bakery, which is located west of the river on Skinner and Baxtergate Street, a pub called the Duke of York, which has a wide variety of meals and beers and is located on the East side, restaurants called the Carpenter and the Walrus, which are in Whitby’s Market Place, a restaurant called Whitby Indian & Tandoori that is located in an railway station, and another restaurant called the Hideaway, located by St Ann’s Staithe. The River Esk splits the town of Whitby in two. Saint Mary’s Church is on the eastern headland, along with Whitby Abbey, and can be seen in the picture above by looking through the arch. Whitby Abbey is a constant reminder of the dedication and strength of the church, and continues to attract hundreds of thousands of people to the area each year. Whitby Abbey was founded by Oswy in the year 657 AD, and become dedicated to St. Hilda after Lady Hilda’s first rule over the abbot. During St. Hilda’s jurisdiction of the abbot, the famous poet Cdmon became a historical part of Whitby Abbey. Even thought you can drive to the Abbey, those who can need to try going up the 199 steps to it. When you go to Whitby, the voices of those who are climbing up to the abbey can be heard, as they count the steps to see if there are actually 199 steps. Many people think of Bram Stoker when they think of the steps because he wrote a lot of Dracula while he was in Whitby during the year 1890. Whitby is a great place for families to go. There are plenty of things that the whole family can do and plenty of places for them to go. A few things to do and places to see are the monument and museum of Captain Cooks, the whale bones that are famous in Whitby, a trip around Whitby’s harbour in the cruise ship Endeavour, Whitby Abbey, the leisure center in Whitby, and a lot more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: