Apple recalls new MacBook usb-c data line due to design defects-super bass

Apple recalled the new Macbook USB-C data line: USB-C data line design flaws apple recalls some early buyers of sina MacBook technology news February 14th morning news, according to foreign media reports Engadget, if you are early buyers of Apple’s new MacBook, then you should pay attention to the. The Apple Corp that sold during the period of April 2015 and June 2015 Macbook may have USB-C data line part of the equipment with "design defects". The user can read the label to determine the need to replace the USB-C data line fault. The data line problem will write, "designed by apple in California, assembled China (Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China)." But behind the serial number, it will need to contact the official apple exchange. Registered users will provide the address and replace the USB-C data from the new line at the end of this month. Users can also visit the authorized service center or directly contact Apple for replacement. If you have a problem because the USB-C purchase of new data line, with apple to explain the situation, will receive a refund. (Shang Zi)

苹果召回新款Macbook USB-C数据线:因设计缺陷 苹果召回部分MacBook早期购买者的USB-C数据线   新浪科技讯 2月14日上午消息,据国外媒体engadget报道,如果你是苹果新款MacBook的早期购买者,那么你就要注意了。苹果公司表示,在2015年4月和2015年6月期间售出的Macbook可能会有一部分设备的USB-C数据线带有“设计缺陷”。   用户可以通过阅读标签,确定需要时候需要更换故障USB-C数据线。有问题的数据线会写着,“由加州苹果设计,中国组装(Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China)。”但后面无序列号,这就需要联系苹果官方进行调换。   已经登记更换并提供地址的用户会在本月底得到新的USB-C数据线。用户也可以前往授权维修中心或直接联系苹果进行更换。如果你已经因为USB-C的问题自费购买了新数据线,可以跟苹果方面说明情况,也会得到相应退款。(尚紫)相关的主题文章: