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.puters-and-Technology Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Data and Information play vital roles in any organisation, being the key factors used to take management decisions. Therefore it is essential to have systems in place which protect Data and Information for future use. Should a crash happen to .work Servers, it is essential to have a method of Data and Information Recovery. With our vast experience in the field of Information Technology we can provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions suitable for any organisation. Pla. Solution provides Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution through .work Area Storage (NAS). Multiple Microsoft Windows based Servers can be attached to a single NAS device. The NAS device can make backups of Data as frequently as every 15 minutes. The method used to make backups is one of the latest technology; Block Level Backup. This backup system uses a 256 bit Data encryption method. So, your Data is 100 % secured. Even Pla. Solutions IT team can not access your Data except with your permission The NAS device can easily be configured to act as a virtual server in the event of the failure of an actual Server until the problem is rectified. The onsite NAS device replicates Data backups in Data Centres established in different geographical locations. The time required to send Data Backups to the Data Centre will depend on the .work line speed and band width. The primary Data Centre replicates this backup to another alternate Data Centre physically located in a different geographical area. In this way three (03) copies of the original Data backup are created. Pla. Solutions monitors this backup procedure on a 24/7/365 basis. Depending on your requirements Pla. Solutions can keep your Data secure for up to seven years by using NAS Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: