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Before the end of the phone to 100% real ATM to transfer money for 24 hours after the arrival of yesterday, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the people’s Bank, China China Banking Regulatory Commission and other six departments jointly issued "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), which made it clear that the telecom enterprises should ensure that all phone real name until the end of October 2016 reached 96%, before the end of the year to reach 100%. Fails to complete the registration of the true identity information within the prescribed time, will be shut down. The industry will be called the history of the most stringent telecommunications network fraud policy". The Guangzhou Daily reporter Duan Chenqun measures: before the end of the full name calls "notice" clear Telecom (below including mobile resale business,) to strictly implement the true identity of the phone user information registration system, to ensure that before the end of October 2016 all the phone real name rate reached 96%, before the end of the year to reach 100%. No real name registration units and individuals should be required to carry out the real name of the phone registration, the registration of real identity information is not completed within the specified time, will be shut down. Telecom enterprises in the processing of real identity information registration procedures for new subscribers, to verify user identity information, and the shooting scene photos and retained users. Interpretation: the implementation of the real name is also to protect the letter is learned that the current three operators in the real name system has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state in the implementation of the phone. But in recent years the rise of a number of virtual operators (ie mobile resale business) in the real name system loopholes, some number of spam messages sent to become the main number. 360 chief anti fraud expert Pei Zhiyong told the Guangzhou Daily reporter, in speeding up the implementation of the real name of the telecommunications card system, hoping to increase the protection of the user’s personal information measures. If you do not protect the user’s personal information, if the user information is obtained by criminals, Pei Zhiyong worried criminals or more precise conduct fraud. Methods: the same operators to open the card 5 in addition to accelerate the implementation of mobile phone number real name system, also requires telecommunications companies to immediately carry out a card card users to clean up, to the same user for use in the same basic telecommunications enterprises or the same mobile resale business telephone card reached 5, the enterprise shall not to open a new phone card for its. At the same time, the requirements of telecommunications companies and Internet companies to take measures to block the software to change the number of online publishing, search, dissemination, sales channels, illegal network is not allowed to change the number of telephone operation, management. Strictly regulate the international communication business and calling number delivery port bureau to telecom enterprises, the full implementation of standard voice line cleaning and caller authentication, increase the network and the network between false calling discovery and blocking efforts to clean up and standardize the business operator, one pass, 400 telephone service immediately, on the illegal operation of Internet phone business will be banned in accordance with the law. To order the agents at all levels of illegal operation of rectification, overdue reform shall be revoked license, and seriously investigated the civil and administrative responsibility. Mobile resale business to carry out business in accordance with the law, the remediation ineffective, repeated violations of mobile resale business, will be legally.相关的主题文章: