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Business Say what? Benefit auction ideas for vegetables? It might seem like an unusual question, but I recently had an individual email me with this inquiry. If one person has a question like this, I suspect others might as well, so let’s tackle the question in an article. Vegetables and benefit auctions aren’t as crazy of a pair as you might imagine. I already broached the vegetable topic once in a previous article which examined the popular farm-to-table trend. Now, let’s pare down that trend to the specific focus of vegetables. Here are some benefit auction ideas for those not-so-lowly, rich-in-antioxidants vegetables. ** CENTERPIECES ** Many fall-themed centerpieces use gourds, either with flowers in a display or in a basket as a stand-along centerpiece. Geez, even a carved pumpkin (not a scary jack-o-lantern but one with an autumnal theme) could be a fetching centerpiece in October. ** DECOR ** Use vegetables as a display when showcasing a silent or live auction item. For example, if you are selling cooking lessons, put some potatoes and carrots on a cutting board to convey the idea to your bidders. If one of your items is the chance for a chef to prepare a personalized meal in your home, make the display colorful by using vegetables. Beets and bok choy in a bowl next to the bid sheet might catch a bidder’s eye. Select colorful vegetables with interesting textures. Use their natural visual appeal in your displays. ** SILENT AUCTION ITEM ** Put veggies in a basket and sell it as "A Farmer’s Market Special, without the trip to the market." Or if you’ve got a donation such as a crock pot, juicer, cookbooks, or cooking pots, throw some veggies into the donation to make the display look more colorful and less sterile. ** LIVE AUCTION ITEM ** CSA’s are hot! It’s a growing trend. If you can get a CSA (.munity Supported Agriculture) group to offer you an annual subscription, that alone might be sexy enough to be.e a live auction item in your benefit auction. I have two clients who could easily sell this vegetable donation in a live auction and expect it to sell well. Another great use of a CSA donation is to use it as a raffle item. This type of donation is not gender-specific, and it’s something many people wouldn’t necessarily think to purchase on their own. Play around with those vegetables! I suspect you’ll create a few new and fresh ideas of your own. Copyright (c) 2009 Red Apple Auctions LLC About the Author: Sherry Truhlar Red Apple Auctions and receive (as a bonus) her Annual Auction Item Guide. The Guide features the best 100 items sold at benefits. Article Published On: – – – – – Whenever a roof structure has leakages and heat retaining material issues, it may cause concern to the property owner. You can put roof covering on yourself. Feel free to visit my blog :: … – Determining more details on roofing is the online game in this article, and you want to understand what should be thought about. Here is my web-site .mercial Roofing .pany Oakville – Planning out a brand new roof top for your residence can be a major offer because it is where by your loved ones day-to-day lives and spends most of their time. My webpage … Roof Replace … – Taking care of your home’s roof is a pretty major work. Finding difficulties earlier demands continual vigilance, and then any fix operate that you have to do is likely to be substantial. … 相关的主题文章: