Billy Grahams Ezine Will Feature The Book 7 Days In Hell I Was There By Larry E Buck Hunter-borderland

About the Author: 7 Days in Hell will jerk you awake, and shake you by the scruff of the neck. It isn’t God wanting to send you to Hell, it is Satan. But that cannot happen unless you make the decision to go there! Larry E. "Buck" Hunter makes that perfectly clear in his first person report after being shown hell graphically by our Creator. You can be lost for eternity–yes; but you have to want to be. God makes it easy for you to be saved (Matthew 11:30). Mr. Hunter shows us plainly that we actually have to work at avoiding salvation. We have to fight God. We have to embrace evil. Because, as Hunter points out, God is unwilling that any should be lost. The misery is unbearable in Hell, and there is no chance of release. Step by step, Hunter shows the exact Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章: