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Brazil Paralympic athletes into the college entrance examination candidates – when the player husband Beijing in Rio de Janeiro November 6th Xinhua (reporter Zhao Yan Chen Weihua) sports news in the end of the 6 national college entrance examination in Brazil, won a bronze medal and a silver medal in the Rio Paralympic Games track and field athlete on the Tracey project, Kyrgyzstan? Mentioned in the exam, Adler however, she felt even more exciting is that her husband just participated in the college entrance examination this year. In this year, the Brazil college entrance examination (Portuguese) examination, there are two questions related to women in sports, one problem quoted a Brazil Institute for gender equality, an interview with Tracey. Tracey, this was "proud and overwhelmed by an unexpected favour and to participate in the college entrance examination," the husband, she said: "he will be very surprised to see this topic, because to be honest, I have quite unexpected." Tracey believes that this is also a good opportunity to discuss the importance of the Handicapped Track and field. She said: when people have the knowledge will not have a lot of prejudice, the disabled will be more recognized, social prejudice will be much less. In addition, we disabled athletes are not only in sports, we and all the same, in the community also has its own challenges, difficulties." Tracey, is a congenitally blind athlete, her forte is 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters run, her 12 brothers and sisters also have vision disability. She was mentioned in a private college entrance exam in 2012. College entrance examination in Brazil national middle school education level test is equivalent to our country, Brazil is the largest, most of the candidates to participate in the exam, but in the age range of our country than to many wide, as long as a high school education, 15 year olds can apply.相关的主题文章: