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Eleven long holiday in Zhengzhou suburbs picking ecological tour – Sohu travel winflash

The eleven holiday Zhengzhou suburban garden just near the ecological tour – picking tourism Sohu Luyuan landscape source Lotus Temple Ge Sanghua, a little girl to her mother to take pictures, the mother and daughter appreciate the picture very warm. During the long holiday, go out to play the most afraid to go to the scenic spots, crowded simply can not enjoy the scenery, the city is near or I often choose to travel. The National Day holiday this year, went to two places, one is green landscape happy farm, two is the Eastern District of Longhu. Happy farm in jujube is the best picking period. Luyuan landscape happy farm, many parents take their children to pick jujube, peanuts, carrots, planing digging sweet potatoes, experience farm fun, and fun. A string of Dongzao crisp and delicious. Sweet potato leaves. Planed peanuts. Luyuan landscape happy farm, many parents take their children to pick jujube, peanuts, carrots, planing digging sweet potatoes, experience farm fun, and fun. Pull up the radish. Happy farm 40 acres of hawthorn cooked. The red persimmon trees. Zhengzhou East Longhu near the bridge looked spectacular. Ge Sanghua is just right.相关的主题文章:

Grandma will stay locked inside the house were both siblings burst fire burned – Sohu news aquaria

Grandma will stay locked inside the house were both siblings burst fire burned – Sohu news 17, three peach Township Weixin County in Zhaotong city in three peach village group of villagers tianjiaba a house fire, was locked in the house of the siblings were killed, a sadly sigh. The reporter understands, the siblings were called Mandy (a pseudonym), Xiaogang (a pseudonym), only two or three years old, parents perennial work in Zhejiang, grandma went out to help take care of the other sun sun, usually by grandpa Zhang Shuxiang care. On the morning of 8, the 52 year old Zhang Shuxiang for fear of grandchildren to play in the water tank of the yard, and they will be locked in the house, and then went up to the mountain alone closing corn. This room at 10:30, Mandy, the Xiao Gang suddenly caught fire. After the fire, the neighbors came to the fire, and call the police for help, someone broke the door, rushed into the house. Although the fire was quickly extinguished the villagers, but Mandy and Brock have no breathing. Who heard Zhang Shuxiang looked at two children, heartbroken. The fire occurred the same day, three peach Township Mayor Li Kejiang who bring home condolences to the families of the deceased, made of rice, quilts and other relief supplies to help the deceased a commitment in the future. The 18 day, the villagers help, sister laid to rest. For the cause of the fire, the relevant departments of staff analysis, excluding the possibility of arson, the main combustion location for the house sofa, the child may play in the house due to lighter. There is also a possibility that wire aging, short circuit fires. Spring City Evening News reporter Shen Shixun相关的主题文章:

Hsu Chi married the first show beauty + food is the Twelve Feng taste

Hsu Chi married the first show is "delicacy beauty + twelve Feng taste" Intro: "Twelve Feng taste" the start of the third season, high force mode return in the first quarter so amazing, just married Hsu Chi as the first guest is to become a hot focus, delicacy beauty and beauty, not to mention you don’t move! (source: PClady) Dongyu Zhou Hsu Chi "Twelve Feng taste" in Nicholas Tse with friends all over the world is definitely a variety of cooking delicacy a stream, who knows the second season directly with a star to the countryside opened the farmhouse mode! Fortunately, the third quarter and finally returned to the high force lattice exquisite style, with a big congregation friend started the trip, which have invited new Jin wife Hsu Chi, beauty and delicacy of beauty, this is the right way to open! "Twelve Feng taste" about two people fate in Xie should begin from the first film, and is also the goddess of Shu screen kiss oh! Opening a bowl of oil from surface made by Hsu Chi himself, two people sit on the train bound for Yilan to pull Samsung with specialty! Also eat a full of childhood memories of the train lunch, Hsu Chi hair shawl wearing a white peaked cap dressed simple and comfortable, and the small Taiwan dramas agree without prior without previous consultation. Hsu Chi married Shu goddess yiyanbuge himself married, not only wear sports shoes to take pictures, even the wedding is two years before the brand, not all kinds of routine style simple wedding warm and romantic love, marry small sweet more people moved. She was dressed up in the wedding dress is full of young girls, fluffy hair and then on the side of the clip, the lens before the shy sweet smile is to do the best of the public! Dongyu Zhou in the program also go to the small kitchen in Dongyu Zhou, "we love it" to cook six uncle also called remembered, was in the kitchen busy rush, but full of collagen so cute, who are not willing to scold. That girl has to take a sense of female star, is Dongyu Zhou, especially after the cut Lob up up is more stylish, loose curl hair Cute and lovely. Dongyu Zhou Dongyu Zhou looks at the snake network is absolutely clean face, after all, is designed by the chosen people! A small smile and swelling of Apple muscle people are hard to love, moist toot lip makeup look good glass easily. Pay attention to the girl’s sense of the hair all rely on blowing, drum comb + hair dryer will be able to blow out the natural micro curly hair, and then finalize the finalized product on the spray. Dongyu Zhou simple Lob can deduce a variety of shapes, half tie hair then Liu Haisong loose braids, fluffy hair is all neat many, refreshing eye makeup is more suitable for girls in two, a thin liner coupled with a single cluster of false eyelashes to let Dongyu Zhou in the sense of being a little girl a woman, a white skin on the red skirt is more tender. 1 Lin Yun in the program list, as well as the star girl Lin Yi, although the topic has been controversial, but her innocent and pure appearance coupled with naive behavior and expression, but also very adorable adorable stay. Pink eye makeup collocation fog sense powder lip, plus dimples is going to melt, high beam ponytail is not generally green!相关的主题文章:

Flog a dead horse will send note 7 firmware upgrade limit charging power (video)

Flog a dead horse Note 7 will limit the charging power The Verge firmware upgrade Chinese station reported on September 14th for Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion safety hazards, Samsung is constantly seeking remedial measures. According to reports, Samsung is about to release a new firmware update for this phone, in case consumers do not want to return any security problems encountered. After the upgrade, Note 7 can only charge up to 60% of the electricity charge, the limit is clearly to avoid battery explosion. Samsung Samsung Note 7 Galaxy monitoring real shot explosion according to Samsung in the official website released information, this upgrade will be officially released in September 20th in Korea, as to whether the other country users will be upgraded, and Samsung future would force Note 7 upgrade, are not mentioned in the announcement. In the Samsung 12 days after the recall of the Note for battery overheating and explosion problems, the U.S. operator also suspended the sale of the phone 7. At the same time, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, strongly recommended that users do not take this equipment on the plane. According to statistics, Galaxy Note 7 alone in the United States there have been more than 70 incidents of overheating. According to reports, Samsung is expected to launch in September 19th in South Korea after the improved Galaxy Note 7, U.S. operators also started earlier this month, the product replacement activities. The new version of the Note 7 is printed with a "S" letter to represent the product is safe enough (safe). (author: Ashley Carman translation: Sean) English [Click to view the original Chinese rights of American The Verge works by Tencent Inc, without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章:

Liquid eye shadow vs pink eye shadow, pro test tell you exactly how to buy! (video) liuxiaobo

Liquid eye shadow VS pink eye shadow, pro test tell you exactly how to buy! The popular Japanese daily report subscription number: zhepen believe that many pro have experienced this moment… Broken into a slag), however, in the rapid development of science and technology today, the problem has been resolved, because the United States and the United States has recently become a popular fashion makeup – liquid eye shadow. With it, I don’t have to worry about my shadow fell dilute broken. Quick report paste on these new stuff is full of curiosity, then decided to collect on the market compared to the popular liquid eye shadow to find out and see what’s the difference with the traditional powder eye shadow! Don’t ask me why, is so easy to learn! This is the protagonist of the three liquid eye shadow: 1: Red Net commodity RMK liquid eye shadow before the burst over the fire (07 colors) liquid eye shadow 2:ARMANI (9 color) 3:THREE liquid eye shadow new fall color (07 colors) we take a look at! RMK RMK as a RMK value as Yan, the new fall, just launched a fire, a red net goods, this series is not only the liquid and liquid eye shadow, blush and lip gloss. Get the hands after the feeling is really floating ah, full of high sense and sense of quality, it is difficult to circle so much powder. Your hands, the first feeling of color is good, color pure metal, coated with cool. Painted on the eyes, painted on the halo please quickly open, or it dries quickly, directly to the shape of a fixed, painted are not open!!! Don’t ask me how I know it! But there is a benefit, do not fade, liquid eye shadow after basic is like a layer of thin film, rub rub off, no makeup. Color is pretty good, is the luster of the metal, not the shiny blingbling powder. RMK VS RMK liquid eye shadow powder eye shadow from sauce have RMK powder eye shadow with brand comparison, using a similar liquid and eye color on the right side of the color on the color lattice, the RMK powder eye shadow! Don’t! Shallow! (reporting sauce buy regret) brush a layer did not see it, reporting sauce brush several layers of color, only very subtle glitter to brush sense of presence, trying to flash… This RMK is only suitable for makeup palette. (liquid eye shadow above, the following is silty eye shadow) eye effect comparison: ARMANIARMANI liquid eye shadow with his home with a kind of lip glaze. (9 color) texture is not RMK thin, after a while it will not be solidified, not like RMK simply do not open feeling. Halo when the feeling is not delicate texture, especially good Tu. Use the eyes painted on the sense of better than RMK (it is big). ARMANI’s liquid eye shadow is also a metallic color, and contains a very fine flash powder, so in the light than the RMK light. Do not fade after, holding makeup degrees are good. ARMANI VSMAISON DE REEFUR liquid eye shadow cream eye shadow MAISON DE REEFUR report sauce brought the cat eye shadow with ARMANI, MAISON DE REEFUR is an independent brand of pear, the cat net相关的主题文章:

In October 19th the European ofschiaparelli lander will land on Mars surface (video) pt100分度表ֶȱ�

The size of October 19th European "ofschiaparelli" lander will land on Mars surface, Europe Schiaparelli and human Lipinski Schiaparelli lander space agency’s Mars process. Schiaparelli, will begin to enter the atmosphere from the surface of Mars 121 kilometers high, and the speed reduced from 21 thousand km to the final landing at 10 kilometers, the whole process is about 6 minutes. "Schiaparelli" landers used Russian descent and landing system, also uses a heat shield device, and the parachute deceleration rocket. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that at present, the European Space Agency "2016 life on Mars Exploration Program (ExoMars 2016 Mission) will have a new progress, is expected to launch in October 19th" Schiaparelli (Schiaparelli) on the surface of Mars Lander landing ". Plain radial ESA Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera, ellipse circle for ofschiaparelli lander area, adjacent to the opportunity of the endeavour crater. One of the ExoMars’s mission is to search for evidence of life on Mars, the potential is the first part of the ExoMars mission was launched in March 14th this year, is currently in the solar system almost completed a range of 500 million kilometers, plans in October 16th to begin deployment of Schiaparelli landers, 3 days after the tracer gas Orbiter (TGO) will enter an elliptical orbit of Mars at the same time. Schiaparelli, landers will enter the atmosphere of Mars, landing on the surface of Mars by parachute. Schiaparelli landers is a 2.4 meter diameter disc device, it will be landing in a flat area near the equator of Mars "Meridiani planum". Its main task is to prepare for the landing of the ExoMars Rover ready to launch in 2020, ExoMars Mars rover, which is equipped with a life search equipment, high-tech six round of the laboratory. Schiaparelli lander will test the drop landing vehicle and landing system, using a heat shield device, and the parachute deceleration rocket. At the same time, the lander also carry small instrument box, can record the Mars landing site of wind speed, humidity and air pressure and temperature, and to measure the electric field to the formation of dust storms on Mars announced. The main task of the European Space Agency "ofschiaparelli" is the preparatory work for the lander ExoMars rover, ExoMars is equipped with a six round of search for life of high-tech laboratory, is expected to launch in 2020. (long compile)相关的主题文章: