Commercial Tanning Beds Vs. Home Tanning

Beauty When you need a good tan, going to the beach isn’t your only option… especially if you live inland, and the nearest beach is still a good drive away! The beach isn’t even the best place to get a tan, as the sun is hardly reliable – after a lengthy drive, a passing cloud could spoil your entire trip! A public beach is also not the best place to hang if you want to get a tan in complete peace and quiet. For all these reasons and more, serious beachcombers and beauty buffs turn to the aid of commercial tanning beds. "Commercial tanning beds" is the phrase used to refer to the equipment in tanning salons. This distinguishes them from home tanning beds, which can be assembled and used in the privacy of one’s own home. But just think – if you can use a tanning bed in your own house, why bother to go to salons? Well for starters, it’s a rule of thumb that good salons should have the safest and most modern equipment out in the market. Home tanning beds are of course manufactured by the most basic safety rules, but if you want the coolest equipment which would give you the fastest and most efficient tan, your stop is the tanning salon. Another major plus is that tanning salons have friendly, helpful assistants, especially trained to use tanning equipment and implements like lotions and sunblocks – so if you’re a complete "newbie" to using tanning beds, you should trust the experts first. Once you get the hang of using professional tanning beds, however, you may want to invest in home tanning beds. For one thing, you get to save on the cost of commuting to a salon regularly, not to mention paying for salon services! You also get the peace and privacy you get too little of at the salon, and even less of at the beach! You’re required to spend on your own tanning bed, however, and this could cost anywhere from $10,000 up, if you’re not familiar with the best places to get good bargains. Commercial tanning beds save you the cost of spending for a bed like this, as well as for the replacement parts – which, by the way, you need to stock up on. You may have installed your spiffy tanning bed, but that doesn’t mean you can forget all about it. Just like a tanning salon owner, you still need to keep your bed in top shape, so you can get the best of your investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: