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Dairy province by the impact of imported milk price was a difficult transition into the international milk prices rise channel price "dairy province was" international milk prices rise into the channel, and the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day followed, the domestic price of milk ready to be added. Recently, Hebei and other major milk producing provinces have been held in the fourth quarter milk price coordination meeting to discuss the rise in milk prices. Due to the huge domestic and international price of milk milk price gap, dairy province price matters "was" in Hebei Province, the fourth quarter of fresh milk ranch trading price increased by only 0.05 yuan per kilogram, the cell reference prices remain unchanged, lower than previously expected. Insiders pointed out that in recent years, domestic and international dairy market too fast, resulting in the domestic dairy market heteronomy. With the rapid growth of imports of raw milk, the domestic dairy industry suffered a heavy blow, milk price stumble endlessly, the rapid decline in dairy herds. As early as March of this year, the domestic dairy farming losses will be more than 50%. Faced with the grim situation, the domestic dairy industry began a difficult transition. Especially in large-scale farming, Hebei province and other dairy provinces through the district to pasture and other ways to further upgrade the scale of farming. Dairy province held a coordination meeting according to China Securities News reporter learned that, in September 27th, the dairy industry of Hebei province was held in 2016 third times the price of raw milk will coordinate the relevant government departments in Hebei Province, Yili, Mengniu, three yuan, JUNLEBAO major milk prices, as well as representatives of dairy enterprises attended the meeting. The meeting decided to vote, Hebei Province in the fourth quarter of 2016, the price of fresh milk transactions were: pasture of $3.88 kg, 3.36 kg. Compared to the third quarter, the ranch’s fresh milk trading reference price increased by $0.05 kg, the reference price remained unchanged. "This is only a reference price, milk prices and pasture and farming areas in the actual process of fresh milk, according to the principle of high quality and price, there are 8% of the lower limit of space." Yuan Yunsheng, Secretary General of the Dairy Association of Hebei province to participate in the meeting, said the China Securities Journal reporter. Affected by domestic consumption and the impact of imported dairy products, since 2015, the domestic raw milk prices continue to decline. On the one hand, by the impact of macroeconomic slowdown, dairy consumption growth slowed. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2015 the country’s total sales of liquid milk 27 million 389 thousand tons, an increase of 3.6% over the previous year. With the 12th Five-Year average annual growth of 5.1%, in 11th Five-Year, an average annual growth of more than 11.1%, an increase was significantly lower. On the other hand, according to the international society of dairy economic data released in May this year, the global average price of raw milk equivalent to RMB 1.44 yuan per kilogram, 10 main producing areas of China average raw milk price of 3.46 yuan per kilogram. Recently, the price of imported milk powder 18 thousand yuan per ton, while domestic close to $30 thousand per ton. At present, the international dairy market demand downturn, overcapacity in the global dairy industry, supply of raw milk prices fell, compared with the domestic raw milk prices, foreign milk prices more competitive, leading to expand the scale of imports of dairy products." Erie shares in 20相关的主题文章: