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Business Damian Kutzner knows and understands success. He launched his real estate firm at the young age of 23 is the founder of the apparel .pany Serious Pimp and the founder and CEO of Integrated Legal Systems (ILS). ILS provides assistance in simplifying the ways according law firms do business. An example of the breadth of his expertise is found in his work with the .pany Serious Pimp. Do you know Serious Pimp? It is the .pany Damian Kutzner founded that makes extreme lifestyle clothing and fashion accessories, sponsors MMA fighters and events and works with worldwide cultural and musical icons Snoop Dogg and Bishop Don Magic Juan. His success has proven Damian Kutzner is a .plete blend of operational efficiency, operations management, and marketing expertise. His experience as a senior level executive in improving core business processes has demonstrated his advanced skills in strategic planning, resource allocation and technology. He has established himself as an innovative leader known for his ability to improve efficiency by using technology while cutting operational costs. Moreover, Damian Kutzner has widespread experience and success in designing and launching applications by enhancing profitability in .pliance with .plex federal and local laws. All these actions make core business activities more efficient. Additionally, Damian Kutzner has expertise in leading cross-functional teams that ac.plish hard-line business goals and has built and implemented strategies that increased product awareness, profitability and market share. In 2000, Damian Kutzner founded Serious Pimp which manufactures a distinct line of popular clothing and accessories like sunglasses, t-shirts and hats. In 2007, he founded ILS, a leading provider of legal software automation for small and mid size law firms. He directed the design of ILS software, established operating goals and launched marketing initiatives. In order to provide consistently improved quality, he implemented productivity improvements and directed programs. Before launching these .panies Damian Kutzner worked as Chief Operations Officer with Newport Beach Escrow where he was responsible for implementing customer services initiatives. He also trained staff and worked on strategic planning and allocation of human resources. He also worked with Global Mortgage Funding where he developed the Lead Management Software known as iRobot and implemented the system for customer management and training procedures. Damian Kutzner understands success and is a clear example of what hard work and ingenuity means to entrepreneurship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: