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Artists If you like hip-hop and you are a die-heart fan of hip hop then, Aubrey drake Graham will not be an unknown for you; he is popular for drake songs. Aubrey Graham, born in October 24th 1986. He is one of the most famous singer, actor and rapper who are known for best playing Jimmy Brooks, a physically retarded character. His capability to convey authentic and honest drake lyrics makes Aubrey Graham different from other rap artists. Many of the rap artists do not dare to be as thoughtful as Drake lyrics and people are usually facing long cry from the same kind of aggressiveness from the misogynistic lyrics of hip-hop rap and it is kind of becoming stereotype to the fans. After nominated in the Grammy awards, all the drake songs is famous with his fans and he is truly a one of its kind artist who is stand for a whole new wave of hip-hop rap. He has even competed with many music stars like Jay-Z and Eminem for his Grammy nominations. Along with his other companion he creates music, which he feels and thinks from within rather than creating music because of the threat of other successful contemporaries. All the drake songs definitely express his undeniable appeal for his female fan following. Before entering into the music business, Drake Graham was better known for his unforgettable act in the famous Canadian TV series Degrassi. But in 2006, he seriously thought of giving his singing career a take and since then he has been giving a series of hit. Since then he has become one of the most sought after and a talked about figure in the musical industry. his drake album becomes the talk of the whole nation, before releasing any of his drake music video or getting into any contractual record It is really very surprising fact. So far in his much-hyped music career he has released three mixtapes, 2006s Room for Improvement, 2007s Comeback Season and 2009s critically acclaimed So Far Gone, which is considered one of the best mixtapes of 2009. Drake is definitely the ruler in the hip-hop music industry and will continue to be the most talked about artist until the release of his most anticipated drake new songs. Being one of the next generation rapper, he has changed the look of hip-hop music by performing under the moony Drake and will continue to experiment with new genres. Music runs in his blood and that is the reason drake songs is so popular with the new generation and if you wish to have your own collection of drake songs and music video, gets in touch with .drakesongs.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: