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Organizing In every endeavor to change the lives of people and better their standards of living, poverty eradication is of utmost priority. It is with this knowledge that relief India trust has made it a responsibility to provide employment opportunities to the society. By hiring people to work in this growing and dynamic organization, the mandate to empower people economically is in part realized. There are various areas where manpower is absorbed and offered attractive payment packages. All kinds of expertise are hired from white to blue collar to white collar pool. Clerical expertise is required for the smooth running of the offices, drivers, mechanics, medics just to mention but a few are required in such an organization. Skills are an integral part of the employment process. Not everyone is .petent enough to fit the required portfolios. This is taken care of as the organization recruits from the inexperienced pool and gives them the necessary training to enable them to work effectively. This is advantageous in many fronts. The trained individuals have a better chance getting employment elsewhere than when they didnt have the acquired skill. Their resume has more weight as they have new skills and experiences that is a plus in the job hunt. The individuals also have more references that they can mention. Voluntary work is also an important part of this kind of organization. It is all about value addition to the individuals who volunteer. When they are done, they are better placed to find jobs as they have acquired experience and skill. In this way the Relief India Trust has helped many an individual to gainful employment. The government from now and then does structural adjustment programs in view of cutting spending. Many employees lose their jobs in the process. Due to the dynamic and expanding nature of nonprofit making organizations, these sacked workers are readily absorbed into such organizations as Relief India Trust . Non profit making organizations play a big role in the setting of the minimum wages. As most offer attractive working conditions and payment packages, the government and other sectors have to offer reasonable bargains if they are to be successful in enrolling a .petent and effective work force. This in turn therefore ensures better terms of employment and better salaried workers. .petitiveness in this recruitment exercise ensures that terms of employment and the salaries keep improving always. Non profit making .anizations due to the nature of their operations necessitate or prompt growth in other sectors of the economy and call for their expansion. A good example is the requirement for security in such .anizations. This calls for expansion in the supplementary sectors which in turn requires for an increase in manpower. In this way employment is created. In a world where there is need to put food on the table and carter for other necessities of life, teaching and enabling a man to fish is the only sure and sustainable means of ensuring people are liberated financially and empowered economically. It is therefore a great honor in the service of mankind for relief India Trust to impact many lives through creating and availing jobs to the society it serves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: