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Computers-and-Technology Electronic books have been around a while, in various incarnations. They range from the bulky and cumbersome to the wonderful and sublime. The Kindle 2 falls in the range of sublime. When the idea of electronic books came out, many people reacted with mild outrage. How can anyone give up the pleasure of the weight of a book? Or forgo the whisper of the turned page? Many people announced that they were "book" people and no machine with lights was ever going to change that preference. But the design and technology people at Amazon heard all those protests and have put a lot of though in answering them. This incarnation of the Kindle sports a slimmer size that is easy to handle and feels more like a real book and less like a machine than some of the others. As ereaders go, this little creature makes ereading a pleasure. The new Kindle will provide storage for up to 1,500 books, which is an incredible number. For many people this is a couple of lifetimes of reading. And for the ones who will read that many and more, Amazon has a storage solution as well. Most avid readers don’t own that many books, partly because the storage and display of that many books would be a major issue. However, in using the Kindle 2, books can be backed up by Amazon and easily accessed using wireless technology, thus providing the perfect storage solution. With this backup service, the possibilities of book ownership are suddenly endless. With the release of the original Kindle, Amazon took the ereader to a different level, head and shoulders above the competition in terms of features and uses. Now with the release of the Kindle 2, they’ve proved that an ereader is worthy of ownership by anyone loves to read. With this new gadget, there is beauty as well as convenience. Amazon has over two hundred thousand title already available and there is no restriction on downloads from sources other than Amazon. The extra services such as wireless downloads, rechargeable battery, newspaper services, and one price new release books make the Kindle 2 fabulous addition to any home. It is cost effective and simply a marvel of technology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: