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UnCategorized Listen. I must tell you about a new and exciting method to boost your Google AdWords campaigns. This secret will add solid income for you. What’s more, it requires little work or effort on your part (we could all use some of that, huh?). Squidoo dot com is an internet marketing gem that really hasn’t being utilized to its fullest yet. Especially when it comes to boosting the power of your Google AdWords campaigns, and that’s the killer secret I’m going to reveal to you now. I’m serious. Today, there are over 120,000 Squidoo users. And this number will grow vastly in the next year. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon, while the site is still up and coming. But how can you use Squidoo to boost your Google PPC campaigns? The answer is simple. Studies prove that when a prospect sees both a Google AdWords ad, AND a natural search result for the same site, they will respond much better than if they were to see only one or the other. Why? When a prospect sees your ad, along with a natural search result, it has the effect of giving you and your site greater authority and impact. Doesn’t that make sense? But why use Squidoo, rather than simply trying to get your site into a good natural search position, through SEO (search engine optimization) and so on? Here’s the answer; I’ve seen marketers successfully create one page sales/review ‘lenses’ on Squidoo that drive HUGE amounts of traffic from search engines that quickly ranks highly for specific keywords on Google. And they don’t have to pay for it. Here are three good reasons to believe what I say about the advantages of using Squidoo to boost the effectiveness of your Google AdWords ads; 1. High Google Rankings A new Squidoo lens for a specific keyword will often rank in the first one to three pages of Google. Google really loves Squidoo. And you should take advantage of this today. 2. Faster Indexing Your Squidoo lens, with its targeted keywords will be indexed on Google in as little as two to three days. The time it takes to index your site’s Squidoo page will vary. But you will find it to be much faster than most other SEO avenues. 3. Simplicity One of the best parts about using Squidoo is its relative simplicity. Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll be up and running with a keyword targeted lens in as little as seven minutes. This is with everything ready to go including R. S. S. feeds, and so on. What’s more, you can make an unlimited number of Squidoo lenses. Here’s What You Need to Understand The reason we’re using Squidoo to get a good natural search result, is to boost the effectiveness of your Google AdWords ads. And this works because you’ll have both, a good natural search result, and a killer Google AdWords ad. In this way, your Google ad will have greater respect. And your site more authority in the eyes of your prospect. This greater effectiveness saves you real money. About the Author: Roger Hall, Author of the new book, ’37 Killer AdWords PPC Secrets Exposed,’ develops programs and pay-per-click ads to help you succeed. Discover how to create Google campaigns that work, save you money and beat your competition with his popular FREE AdWords Tips for advertisers. Available at: => Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: