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Hubei mobile school season on the "pseudo base station" to ensure students’ information security – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Wuhan September 13th news (reporter Wang Xian) Communication University School season of high incidence of fraud cases, China Mobile Hubei company to strengthen the "pseudo base station crackdown. Recently, they assist the public security organs in Huanggang, near the Huanggang Normal University captured a backpack pseudo base case. So far, Hubei mobile this year to help crack the pseudo base station cases reached 47, arresting suspects, the scene seized the pseudo base station equipment 53 sets. According to reports, the suspects disguised as a student. Walk around the campus, as China construction bank customer service number to send "enhance the credit card SMS fraud and criminal activities, the implementation of communication. Hubei mobile relevant responsible person said: the seized backpack ‘pseudo base’ equipment, text editing and launch control devices are using mobile APP operation, with a strong concealment. At the same time, the criminals have changed the way of continuous transmission of pseudo base station signal, using intermittent way to evade surveillance, concealment and anti reconnaissance capability." Recently, Hubei mobile will continue to increase the "pseudo base station" investigation and tracking efforts to assist the public security departments to combat the opening quarter of communications fraud by means of technology, and strictly implement the real name system of mobile phone industry and the management of spam messages.相关的主题文章: