In 2016 six of the world’s best motorcycle car-dataload

In 2016 six of the world’s best motorcycle sports car (original title: "2016 best of six motorcycle sports car, which fortunately? Lead: JC) "before the king should be to share an article," public car upgrade which is strong, the data say ", the final list of dynamic curves of these respective models, and combined with the curve comparison, the end result should be not only for performance each one has its own merits, but also to see. The cyclist (source: locomotive network) the number of public concern" cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! But for our car riders, the value of the data may not be cold, the top sports car to win the hearts and minds of the public, who is in competition not only fast, in fact there are Yan values, feelings, and its brand value orientation, such as these, violence, handsome, humanization, stability, sense of science and technology and so on…… recent moyou a clip of the best of 2016 six car collection, we can feel the shooting from these various models we give some information to convey, following Mr. JC to introduce that several cars, BMW S1000RR 1 BMW S1000RR was born in 2009, BMW launched the first racing imitation BMW S1000RR, the maximum output of 199 horsepower (2015 146kW), the maximum torque is 113Nm@10500rpm, the car in 2015 to enter the domestic market. Field, price 254 thousand and 500, 2 Ducati Panigale 1299 Ducati 1299 Panigale first unveiled at the 2014 Milan auto show, to replace the 1199 Ducati SUPERBIKE became the latest in a series of flagship sports car. The car uses a water-cooled engine L2 type double cylinder EFI, displacement of 1285cc, maximum power 205HP@10500rpm, maximum torque of 144Nm@8750rpm. In June 3, 2015, Ducati China released in the country 1299 Panigale three models, including the general version, S version and the R version of the three models, priced at 309 thousand yuan, 379 thousand yuan and 489 thousand yuan. 3, Aprilia RSV4RF since 2009, the Aprilia RSV4 supercar is completely copied in the MotoGP professional racing standards as a mass production of legitimate Street version of the sports car. The Aprilia RSV4 RF is a limited edition version of the Aprilia flagship sports car family. It is the same as the Aprilia RSV4 engine parameters, frame geometry, body size, power output, electronic control are the same, the peak horsepower of 201hp @ 13000rpm, peak torque of 115Nm @ 10500rpm. In China, the domestic price of 268000 yuan from the beginning of 4, Kawasaki.相关的主题文章: