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Travel-and-Leisure Affordable London Hotels Many travelers dream of going to London and visiting the many tourist spots that make London an easy tourist favorite. Then again, if you dont plan on staying too long in London or you are traveling on a limited budget, there are plenty of affordable London hotels you can choose to book and stay in. The Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel is one of the hotels you should consider as you can expect a convenient stay for less than $80 per night. The Shakespeare Hotel is another hotel you add to your list of budget hotels as you can stay for less than $75 per night. You can also spend less than $65 per night by staying in the Lords Hotel, yet another great budget hotel in London you should consider. There are other budget London hotels you can choose from which allows you to stay without spending too much, but still have amenities that will make your stay as .fortable as possible. London Hotels for Business Travelers Tourists traveling to London for business reasons will be pleased to find out that there are plenty of options for them as far as where to stay is concerned. For people who are staying in London for business needs, there are plenty of hotels that offer accessibility to important places, as well as amenities people who work on the go need. One of the hotels you should consider is the City Inn Westminster Hotel as it .es with high speed internet access and other facilities for people who are constantly engrossed with work, and it also offers tourists easy access to important business establishments. The Claridge Hotel is another London Hotel to consider as plenty of businessmen and women favor this hotel due to the excellent service they receive. Beds that fold into walls and extendable tables are available in the Courthouse Hotel, which makes it an easy favorite among business travelers. Whatever your purpose for traveling in London may be, there is certainly a London hotel that will ac.modate your needs. Great Reasons to Stay at the Athenaeum Hotel in London The Athenaeum Hotel in London is one of those hotels that speaks .fort and convenience all rolled into one. As a 5 star hotel in London, it .es with its own spa that gives tourists a chance to pamper themselves right in the .fort of the hotel itself. Aside from the spa, a gym and a salon are available in the hotel that allows tourists to prepare themselves for a busy day ahead looking good before they even leave the hotel. Travelers will also enjoy the hotels website as it gives them a birds eye view of what to expect during their stay, as well as a heads up on any rates and special deals. Weddings, meetings, private dinners, and other events can be held in this hotel as well, making it a great choice of hotel to stay in for tourists who are in London for both business and leisure. Tourists can also enjoy a wide array of good food, wine, and even afternoon tea in this hotel as well. The Best London Hotels to Stay and Eat London hotels with its own restaurant are one of the popular choices for tourists whenever they travel to this place. This is because hotels with its own restaurants certainly provide a level of convenience that will make any tourist pleased with their stay. For example, the Strand Palace Hotel in London is one of those hotels that .bine the convenience of a great place to stay, and a great place to eat at the same time. Another popular hotel-restaurant in London is the Rembrandt Hotel; this hotel .bines the convenience of a place to stay and eat at the same time. If at any time during your stay at the Enterprise Hotel you feel the need to eat, you dont have to worry as this hotel .es with its own restaurant that aims to please every palate. Another great London hotel with its own restaurant is The Grand at Trafalgar Square it is a hotel restaurant all in one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: