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KG and Minnesota to discuss future plans of note: or buyout not playing? Sina sports news Beijing time on September 22nd, according to the famous reporter Mark – at the Minnesota Timberwolves are reported, and 40 year old veteran Kevin – Garnett to discuss the contract buyout. Since the end of last season, Garnett has been considering whether to return to the NBA next season, and has been unable to make a decision. Earlier today, according to Minnesota’s "Star Tribune" reported that Garnett is currently in and the wolves boss Glen Taylor to discuss future plans. Garnett is expected to make a final decision in the near future, after discussions with his boss. Glen and Kevin and his team are discussing." Timberwolves coach and President Tom Thibodeau said in an interview, said, "for now, we will not disclose any of the contents. We’ll see how it turns out. However, it is clear that Kevin’s significance to our union and our team has given him the right to discuss this with Glen." Garnett has 1 years left on his contract, worth $8 million. Last summer, he decided to renew the contract with the Timberwolves, and provide guidance for Wiggins and Downes these young players, but because of age and knee injury, Garnett’s playing time is limited, this also allows outsiders to worry about whether he can continue in the NBA next season. From the current point of view, KG is 40 and the Timberwolves to discuss the contract buyout, it seems that he is not to fight NBA. (Rosen) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: