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Music The internet has changed the world in ways that are irreversible. Never again will cd sales be what they were, will as many people travel to rent a movie, or will book stores fill up with people like they used to. These are only a few examples of the thousands that I could mention. The internet has revolutionized the world and how information is gathered and distributed. This is a great thing but unfortunately there are a few disadvantages. The lack of reading for entertainment and educational purposes has affected the general intelligence of societies around the earth. Watching television or browsing the web can provide an entertaining and learning experience, however, most of the work is done for the participant, it lacks the focus that reading requires, and doesnt allow him to use his imagination as much as reading would. The question is how do I find something that could be interesting enough to read? I have been asked by several people who don’t have the patience to last through more than a three hundred word blog post. I dont have an answer for everyone on this, but if youre a musician I do have a suggestion that has works for me. Online music magazines that can be discovered at an online music store will allow you to read content that you are interested in while challenging you intellectually. You wont be staring at a screen like a vegetable but focussed on material that will actually make you a smarter person! The best part about it is that you wont have to go out of your way to do it. Stay home in your pajamas while reading almost any magazine that you could find in a store or a library. Many of these magazines could be quickly delivered to the location of your choosing, or be available online for you to read from your .puter. An incredible amount of diverse topics are covered including instrument performance, gear, technology, .position, news, gossip, instruction, employment and internship opportunities, musician directories, concert calendars, instrument repair, contact information, industry education, new music releases, reviews, health music, music for children, music memorabilia, and much more. It really just depends on what youre interested in and looking for, but youre always free to search through the many options that are available to you from several locations of the world. Now with funding for the arts diminishing in our school systems, this information has be.e much more valuable and necessary for our children to be educated by. A magazine can be taken almost anywhere then shared with others who will enjoy reading it. Many people choose to interact with the .panies who create them. Requesting information regarding certain topics or having an editorial response to an article or review is a great way to let them know that you have standards which deserve to be met and that you support what they are doing. Don’t let your brain turn into mush. Get educated and informed with online music magazines . Check out your favorite online music store now for access to thousands of them! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: