Need For Pan Card Registration In India-lightscape

Customer Service PAN is Permanent account number, a ten digit alpha numeric number issued in a laminated card by Indian In.e tax department. It is only issued by the Indian In.e tax department under the supervision of Central Board of Direct Taxes. It was also an important ID proof. A Pan card contains name of the person, photo, date of birth and fathers name to which the card is issued and is cant be transferable to anyone. According to Indian In.e tax Act 1961, this card is to be issued to the individual, firm or a body which is being taxable by In.e tax department of India. It is mandatory to have a Pan card for making any investments and sales or purchase of fixed assets. It is useful while opening the bank accounts, foreign travel, immovable property transactions, purchasing of securities etc. The In.e Tax department has also authorizes UTI Technology Services Ltd (UTITSL) to manage and set up PAN Service Centers in all cities or towns for improving Pan related issues. The PAN is permanent, unique and national and it never affected by change of address. It is .pulsory to quote PAN in all documents related to financial transactions listed as per In.e tax department of India. It serves as important ID proof for applying any telephone connection or cellular connection in India. Pan card is also useful in opening a Demat account for trading in .modities. PAN card is correspondent to a National Identification Number issued in many countries like UK, US and France. If you want to have a PAN card, then you can take the advantage of PAN card registration service under which you need to fill out the specific application form 49A and submit the necessary documentation proofs. Varied service providers have been set up all over India to assist those who are new to the PAN card category. The services provided to the people range from filling on the application form to submitting the documents needed for the PAN card registration. The PAN card registration service also works for lost PAN card holders and help them in getting the new one after .pleting the due procedure within time. Also, if you want to make changes in the present PAN card, you can contact the service centers for the same. So, for all sorts of PAN card related services, you can contact the service centers being set up in all the cities by the In.e Tax Department. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: