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Network consumer trap survey: store initiative to return to be a hoax network consumer trap survey: store initiative to return? Could be a hoax! Online shopping often need to return, if you encounter a strange phone after the order to contact you for various reasons to return? To remind you to pay attention, if the customer service is particularly enthusiastic initiative to come to you, this may not be because the seller is particularly responsible, but to give you a private custom of the special trap". Customer service contact return card was transferred out of 40 thousand yuan a week in Shanghai lady bought two pieces of clothes recently on Taobao, after the receipt of goods, quality and no businesses find clothes described so well, in Ms. Zhou when considering whether to apply for the return of a Taobao phone call claiming to be the seller hit me. Ms. Zhou: he asked me, you bought a few days ago is not the quality of two T-shirts? He said is right, are not of good quality. Later, he said that you bought two T-shirts back, the money back to you, I believe. He said, I now send a link to you, you fill in the above, you can. A return to click what links, Ms. Zhou was a little confused. But can not stand the self proclaimed customer service staff enthusiasm, but also their name, phone, buy clothes and other information, the other party can accurately say, the last week, ms.. Ms. Zhou in accordance with the requirements of a step by step, the name, ID card information, bank card number, verification code, enter the link, I did not expect to own Taobao and bank card money, soon there is No. Ms. Zhou: he phoned me and said Jijiji this account you to check it for money? I’ll check on the computer, not really, meng. He asked me to go to the ATM machine to pull a piece of paper out, I did not see a more than 40 thousand dollars. Miss Zhou feel wrong, the police soon. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau Putuo Ganquan police station Li Hongbin: after we quickly issued a special case, the property of the assistance in the inquiry notice, learned that she was the sum of 4 million yuan of money was transferred to an insurance company. "Refund" links are tricky "cheated money to buy financial" why Ms. Zhou money does not go directly to the liar account, but the insurance company there? Shanghai Putuo City Public Security Bureau police station Li Hongbin oasis: Shanghai launched anti telecommunications fraud network center in the future, if the criminals take this money to private accounts, the public security organs in the shortest possible time to the private accounts frozen, criminals can not succeed. Police, in the face of this situation, the fraudsters come up with a new approach is to pay the victim’s money to pay. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps detachment vice captains Wei Jian two: in this case, the suspect to buy some financial products for defrauding money, the money transferred out, some ways were Quancun. Quancun, actually is a kind of consumer convenience quick payment function, the bank will transfer money to the card into an electronic wallet, using electronic wallet or shopping consumption on flash pay function相关的主题文章: