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Humanities As soon as we hear this so-called word ‘Omen’ we squeeze our nose and feel like the people of this modern age. The people who are living in the ‘Scientific era’ and this appears to be a matter of great shame if they believe upon this seemingly trash. But I ask you one question and please give me your answer right straight to your heart. Have you ever searched about these things like an unbiased scientist? Science says that we must leave out some of the things since they are nothing but mere co-incidences without any significance at all. Conversely, saints say in the God’s creation everything has reason. Who is right saint or scientist? Have you ever taken enough pain to search out the reality? Or you just veiled yourself in the scientific dogmatism as soon as you come across these things? Tell me are you just the gramophone that runs on to sing the already recorded song? Newton invented the theory of gravity since he did not pass on the so-called common phenomena occurring from centuries. He got something uncommon in the falling of the ‘Apple’. The ‘Apple’ which has become legend now. If Newton would have passed on this incident as mere co-incidence he had lost his eternity. He got eternity because he saw the uncommon in the common. He was not a common man who sees everything without any new perspective at all. But what about you? Every man is a born scientist; once he understands that he has also the same mind as all have. The difference borders on very thin line when we turn ourselves escapists to say ‘Friends we are not scientists we are common human beings’. In the Vedas it is written in the clearest of terms that the whole universe is nothing but an idea. I took this truth straight to my heart. Then I heard Vivekananda’s saying that ‘Everything has reason in this universe. So, we can’t say anything unreasonable’. I engraved this quotation deep into the pigeonholes of my brain and went on unveiling the truth especially of the omens. I decided right then that I would not take any of the incidents or co-incidents on physical level rather I would locate the thought behind it. Since the Vedas say life is nothing but the mass of thoughts. The case is the same, which I discussed, in my last article ‘Free will exists or not’. The hero of this case history is the same young man. Here is the story: I don’t remember the exact month and date of this incident. But more or less it was the evening of April, 2004. I was preparing to go into my meditation room. Just in the mid-way the young man called me back "Bhaiya (brother) just give me five minutes". I came back in utter frustration thinking that boy had no sense. When he knows that I am going to meditate why he is disturbing me a lot? He could have waited for a while. Why this boy seems to me always impatient? Always involved into his problems without caring a bit about others? However, I suppressed my emotions since I did not want to hurt him. He asked me "Brother do you think I can be a Pilot because since 4 years I have been struggling hard without finding a ray of hope in my way?" As soon as he asked the question I started noticing some strange phenomena occurring around me which I will discuss later. After noticing all the phenomena I told him he would be a Pilot undoubtedly but after going through lot of uncertainties and unexpected hindrances. He asked what kind of uncertainties and obstacles would be there? I told him that I couldn’t say right now. But still you would have a last laugh I am sure. He went back to his home with little satisfaction and lingering hope. Before telling you what happened around me to enable me to peep into young man’s future just add something into your mind. Whenever any idea takes birth in your mind it gives birth to another chain of baby- thoughts outside. I call these baby-thoughts the voice of God. However, you must have proper eyes to behold these infant- thoughts. They contain in themselves all the possible outcome of your idea. They tell the future. Now recollect the boy called me in the mid- way when I was going for meditation. And I came back in utter frustration. Now, stop and observe. The idea of becoming Pilot germinated in the young man’s mind. That idea gave birth to another idea of putting obstacle in spiritual journey of mine and then went on projecting the idea of frustration on my part. When anybody is going for worship and somebody stops him, do you think it is a good omen? No, someone is going for a good work and you are putting obstacle it is a sheer sin on your part. So, precisely, his idea initially gave birth to twin brothers namely the idea of obstacle and the idea of frustration. Then I noticed during my conversation that my child was wailing as the roof might have fallen upon him. The idea is of weeping. Then I felt greatly disgusted thinking he must went away. I lost my whole interest in his question. The idea was of disinterestedness. Right then I heard a noice of falling of some utensils in my kitchen. The idea is of falling or disturbances whatever you may term as. But at last I saw my mother was lighting incense in front of a deity. The idea was of spiritual blessing. So, now note down the different ideas, which took birth as soon as the question emanated in the young man’s mind. They were namely obstacles, frustration, disinterestedness, weeping, falling and at last spiritual blessing. Therefore, I told him that he would become pilot but only after going through a lot of lean phases. The boy became pilot in November 2004. Before November 2004, the boy got lot of opportunities, tons of hopes, host of assurances but without any fructification at all. He became entirely hopeless. A part of it I also shared with him. Since I was doing experiment if it might succeed it will boost me up to go further. Or I will stuck right there. However I am grateful to god he showed me the right way. Now go slightly deeper. Remember from the seeds of the previous karmas your future- tree blooms. In other words your past- deeds decide the future since karmas are the root cause of the forthcoming incidents. Okay I found the future interwined in the present but was it possible to locate his past karmas as well out of the same events happened around me? Now recollect the incidents again namely wailing, falling of utensils and obstacles in spiritual journey of mine. Don’t you think there was a kind of violence in all those incidents? As I told you that my child was weeping as ‘roof might have fallen over him’. The falling of utensils naturally would create lot of harsh sounds. The obstacles in my spiritual journey resulted in good amount of frustration on my part. It made me highly irritated. I was finding myself unable to face the boy even for a moment. And those all were done by his single question. Why his question created such a turbulent atmosphere? So, there must be something behind his question also. And that ‘Behind’ obviously was his karmas which he did in his last births. The severity and the violent nature of the omens clearly showing the karmas were very far from being good. However, karmas emanate from a particular habit. The habit was his selfishness, which projected the question. So, behind his karmas his tendency of selfishness must be responsible. And this selfishness must be great because the omens were bordering upon abnormality. God message was clear "the boy would not be able to start his career unless he uproots his inherited root of selfishness". However, at last the burning of incense in front of a deity was like the silver lining between the dark clouds. It was clearly indicating that the boy would be able to eradicate his deficiency of selfishness, which simultaneously led to start his career. But why this so called selfishness caused hindrances in his career? It is the mystery, which I leave upon you to unravel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: