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The National Railway Bureau Lu Dongfu, general manager Sheng Guangzu, general manager of China Railway total retirement Chinese Economic Net Beijing October 9th reported China railway company by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of transport, the National Railway Bureau Lu Dongfu successor, former general manager Sheng Guangzu retired. On the afternoon of 9, the total iron railway work conference held in the headquarters of the phone, announced the appointment of. It is reported that the 61 year old Lu Fu, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Railways was. After the Ministry of Railways revoked in March 2013, Lu Dongfu transferred to the newly established national railway bureau. He took over the total iron in the "number one", the National Railway Bureau vacated by who took over, there is not conclusive. The total iron total iron sources, another deputy general manager Huang Min with the NDRC Secretary based industry background, and the main railway reform, once the general manager candidate. But compared to Lu Dongfu, Huang Min’s apparent lack of Railway Basic practicing experience, this may be an important factor in Lu Dongfu eventually took over. According to China economic net reporter, at present, a total of 5 deputy general manager of the railway, namely Lu Chunfang, Li Wenxin, Huang Min, and Zhen Zhen Yi, in addition, the general secretary of the party discipline inspection team leader of the group for the safety of the iron and Steel Group in the first place of the group of. Lu Dongfu resume, male, Han nationality, born in November 1955, Jiangsu Danyang people, Communist Party members, in July 1988 the international politics department of Fudan University of Political Science (Administration) graduate courses cadres, July 2001 Adult Education Institute of Shanghai Univer (evening) management engineering graduate, serving a university degree, senior engineer. Worked in November 1973 Department of transportation, Shanghai Railway Bureau construction project Fifth Engineering section, third engineering section, Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Communist Youth League work; in July 1988 he served as deputy director of the political department, Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways office deputy director of the Propaganda Department; in January 1990 he served as Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of railways, Shanghai Railway Bureau of discipline inspection and supervision department deputy secretary the director of December 1993; appointed party secretary of the Shanghai Railway Bureau of the Ministry of Railways Shanghai Engineering Corporation; March 1995 served as the Shanghai Railway Bureau deputy chief economist, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Shanghai City Rail Transit Pearl Line Engineering Command deputy commander, Shanghai Railway Bureau of Rail Transit Development Corporation general manager, Shanghai Railway Bureau and deputy director of the Shanghai railway branch secretary; November 2000, director of Shanghai Railway Bureau of the railway ministry Deputy Secretary of the Party committee; in July 2003 he served as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Railways party Members of the group; March 2013 Deputy Minister of transportation, Party members, the National Railway Bureau, Party secretary. Sheng Guangzu resume Sheng Guangzu, male, former general manager, China Railway Corporation, Party secretary. Former Shanghai Railway Bureau Nanjing branch secretary of the Party committee, Hangzhou branch secretary, Party Secretary of Nanjing branch secretary, party secretary, deputy director and Secretary of the Party committee of Ji’nan railway bureau. In November 1994, the Ministry of Railways party members, chief economist, January 1996 served as director of the Political Department of the Ministry of Railways (vice ministerial level), Party members, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Railways in January 1999, members of the party, in April 2000 he served as deputy director of General Administration of customs, Party members, in February 2002 the General Administration of Customs deputy party secretary, deputy director of the General Administration of customs, September 2003.相关的主题文章:

Eleven long holiday in Zhengzhou suburbs picking ecological tour – Sohu travel winflash

The eleven holiday Zhengzhou suburban garden just near the ecological tour – picking tourism Sohu Luyuan landscape source Lotus Temple Ge Sanghua, a little girl to her mother to take pictures, the mother and daughter appreciate the picture very warm. During the long holiday, go out to play the most afraid to go to the scenic spots, crowded simply can not enjoy the scenery, the city is near or I often choose to travel. The National Day holiday this year, went to two places, one is green landscape happy farm, two is the Eastern District of Longhu. Happy farm in jujube is the best picking period. Luyuan landscape happy farm, many parents take their children to pick jujube, peanuts, carrots, planing digging sweet potatoes, experience farm fun, and fun. A string of Dongzao crisp and delicious. Sweet potato leaves. Planed peanuts. Luyuan landscape happy farm, many parents take their children to pick jujube, peanuts, carrots, planing digging sweet potatoes, experience farm fun, and fun. Pull up the radish. Happy farm 40 acres of hawthorn cooked. The red persimmon trees. Zhengzhou East Longhu near the bridge looked spectacular. Ge Sanghua is just right.相关的主题文章:

Three labor pain, watching his mother want to embrace mother – Sohu

Three delivery pain, want to embrace her mother after maternal child – Sohu how much pain? Medical pain is divided into ten grades, the vast majority of the precious mother feel the pain of children can reach level nine, and some even think that has reached the level of ten. Which, according to the fundus, uterine contraction pain, oxytocin is recognized as the most difficult to endure childbirth three pain, how painful, what kind of pain, and listen to the October yiyidaolai bacteria. Nun Killer 1 – delivery industry filed uterine contractions pain, presumably the children moms are fresh. Such as uterine Nun Killer like staunch temperament was cold and cruel. At first, she strode (uterine) such as dysmenorrhea like footsteps approaching the pregnant mother, pregnant mother can also endure the pain, but gradually, she (uterine) really is a little bit of exposure, with the passage of time, uterine contraction pain gradually increased, and the interval of time is shorter, more and more pain long. A means to open ten means the final away from the original palace mouth, waiting in the long process, the power of death (uterine) like a tidal wave of the wave after wave of fierce, this downward abdominal pain gradually spread to bear, a pregnant mother belly with a ticking bomb! The only thing we can look forward to is that the palace is a little faster, a little faster! 2 according to the fundus — talk about the mere mention of a 3. In the obstetric palace fighting drama "harem Zhen ·?", we understand the arrogant, arrogant Hua Fei goddess, is remembered she gave in the summer a 3. This is a red hit, the burning pain as hell on inferno. But that is like pain, treasure the mother after the birth of her child had also experienced more than once, and this is a 3. — let obstetric people talk about the mere mention of the palace at the end. By the end of the palace refers to the pregnant mother after the birth of the child with his hand to press her stomach. According to the fundus of the role is to help his mother out of lochia and blood, promote uterine contraction, uterine self help recovery, which is very important for the experienced cesarean section treasure mom. But it is important to treasure the mother, although know the reason, but according to the fundus is inconsistent, every day to the time according to the fundus, the maternity ward is a look at the postpartum wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, weakness and teeth and endure such torture Po mom, October is the heart can not bear bacteria. 3 dozen oxytocin — are you Invincible Eastern embroidery needle sent? Memories of childhood, we will think of "Saint Seiya", think of "Legend of the White Snake", will think of "The Legendary Swordsman" in Invincible Eastern and his gold can be used as Jian embroidery needle. In real life people may not have the needle embroidery TV series so weird, but you know pregnant mother lost experience of oxytocin, like being with a needle point bar. In the clinic, mainly for oxytocin induced labor, oxytocin, postpartum hemorrhage and subinvolution of uterus, the mechanism is through the smooth muscle of uterus, to enhance uterine contraction, in order to speed up the frequency of the contraction. Just began to lose Suogong Sushi, pregnant mother is not what the unusual feeling, but who knows the great potential of oxytocin, lose more in the future, more treasure mom will feel pain!相关的主题文章:

Women stand to hold other children my child was taken away by others ca4111

Woman: my child hugging people station children have been taken away by others in Sichuan Luzhou news network September 22nd news (reporter Yue Dong) in September 21st, Luzhou bus station, a 30 year old woman in a black dress, holding someone’s three year-old child turned to leave, but the family was discovered in time, the woman was the scene of the masses that he said: "my children have been taken away by others." Later, the woman was taken to the local police station for investigation. Today (22) morning, Luzhou thermal circle of friends "a three year old child was robbed of Luzhou passenger station news, there are tens of thousands of people to read. Sichuan news network immediately went to Luzhou passenger terminal. According to the station staff to introduce things through: at 10:30 on September 21st or so, when we are on patrol, found 3 waiting room surrounded by a push. After understanding to know, a 30 year old woman, dressed in a black coat in the ticket hall, while a mother from the third year olds in supervision for tickets, will be holding a child to the door. Fortunately, the timely discovery of the child’s mother, immediately went up to grab the child back. Unexpectedly, the woman turned out to beat the child’s mother. He’s really not letting this go. The child’s mother for the child’s safety, holding the child away, around the masses have accused the behavior of black women, but she is still very calm appearance, actually said: my child was also carried away." Station staff will be dressed in black woman to the police office, learned that the woman a person to ride, feeling a mental obstacle problem, can not communicate. Finally sent to the jurisdiction of the police station, the police investigation." At present, some details of the police are still in the verification. The station staff to remind the public, carrying the child to travel, we must always take care of children, children is in sight, it is best to hold or hold, in case you get lost, remember do not just children in the hands of people who had just met a stranger or take care of. Once the child is lost, immediately report.相关的主题文章:

Chinese tourists bus accident investigation in the United States the curve too fast mmc.exe

Chinese tourist bus in the preliminary investigation of beauty accident: bend too fast – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the United States a busload of Chinese students tour bus 24 in Yosemite National Park outside the accident caused one death. Injured mostly 12 to 15 years old Chinese students and parents. Police preliminary investigation into the cause of the incident through the curve too fast. California Highway Patrol Bureau (CHP) revealed that there were a total of 22 people on board, in addition to Chinese students, there are also four guardians and a driver. The deceased was a female passenger, tied to the safety belt when the incident. The driver is a 53 year old man who lives in Alhambra, only minor injuries, 25 had been discharged home. Another four passengers were seriously injured, slightly injured six passengers. A hospital spokesman said there were five injured and sent to the local Community Regional hospital, one died, one is still in the hospital, the other three have been discharged. The arrangement of translation assistance treatment. The remaining seven children were sent to the Valley children’s Hospital in the evening of the hospital has been discharged, of which a total of six years old, a 12 year old, was not seriously injured in the age of 13. Children’s hospital spokesman said, because the children had planned to travel after the pizza queue will be held, so they discharged, emergency room physicians from their own pocket to buy a pizza to comfort them. California Highway Patrol Bureau 25 morning announced the preliminary findings, said the incident was the direction of the bus down the mountain to Oakhurst, driving speed of about 35 to about 40 miles per hour. To Lewis Gai (Lewis Creek), at a dangerous speed through a corner, causing bus westward drift away from the road, hit the roadside trees, the last stop on the southbound lane, the scene scattered debris and snacks. Specific reasons the police are still under investigation.相关的主题文章:

The Spanish market outlook analysis disc lifting the Royal Society home court advantage – Sohu 9c8996

The Spanish market outlook analysis: disc lifting the Royal Society home court advantage – Spanish Sohu SMG analysis: the Royal Society Royal Bettis vs 10.01 02:45 2016 game time: Saturday asian handicap: 1.02 Royal Society -0.75 Royal Bettis 0.84 index: 1.72 3.50 4.10 European Prospective events: Saturday morning League a new round of games, the Royal Society will be in the home court in the Royal Bettis, the ranking is not close, the strength of the same Xiang Bozhong, it is difficult to predict the outcome. The start of the season, the Royal Society has ups and downs, lack of stability. The last round of a game, they 0 to 2 defeat to erval, this competition team not only lose, but also one of the main red card, is a direct result of the war the team loses the game, not the whole team, many home court undercurrents. Royal Bettis this season is not the beginning of the temperature is not fire, the league is only the middle reaches of the results. In the last league they beat Malaga at home 2 to 1, ending the two rounds of the team is very depressed. The last 4 times at the Royal Society, they have 1 wins and two defeats, among them, the team wants to get out of the difficulty is very big. Analysis of ball handicap: Asia leading think tank royal society make 0.5 life and death index, with Europe wins 1.80-1.85 disc, the water level. Aocai early ginseng push on the 0.75, shortly after the operation to maintain this position. The Royal Society in recent years, the main rival great advantages, the disc high water blocking plate but more taste, 1880 behind his LA liga. SMG football recommended: 3 asian handicap recommendation: the Royal Society (-0.75)相关的主题文章: