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People with mental retardation are "slave workers" why repeated? Sohu – Comments   lead: Recently, the Qujing Municipal Public Security Bureau informed, Xuanwei City Public Security Bureau police station according to the work in the field of sheep to get clues, uncovered cases of forced labor of mentally retarded persons, rescued 6 handicapped people in the area of Yang Chang Zhen Heng Sheng factory. In recent years, mentally retarded persons arrested when toil, black workshop was a strange man "pick up" home to get married, or even killed by people with "phenomenon". The mentally disabled as social vulnerable groups, when they can from criminals? The lack of "special assistance" Chinese million retarded living condition bad at regular intervals, the network will burst of bad pictures, mentally retarded people life appeal for help information, mentally retarded persons abused and enslaved the news can be heard without end. Mentally retarded people scattered in the Chinese country, became the "invisible man", most employment is not married, no social activities, some people live in family care and reluctantly, the guardian of the lack of people with intellectual disabilities is relying on Street neighborhood handouts, or lead a wandering life. In the age of employment of more than 1 million 500 thousand people with mild and moderate mental retardation, they become the main target of some criminals, facing the risk of being enslaved. People with intellectual disabilities in mental function was significantly lower than that level, people with the same adaptive behavior of defects, the most important is that they are not aware of their rights had been violated. According to a sample survey conducted in 2006, there are about 5 million 540 thousand mentally disabled people in the country, in addition, there are about 4 million 300 thousand people with disabilities in the top more than 13 million 520 thousand people with intellectual disabilities, mental retardation, the total number of nearly ten million. The law of the people’s Republic of China on the protection of disabled persons stipulates: "the State adopts the supplementary methods and special measures to give special assistance to the disabled, to reduce the influence of the disabled and the external obstacles, and to guarantee the realization of the rights of the disabled." This is the law of the state on the implementation of special assistance to the disabled. At present, China’s special assistance to the disabled mainly includes legal protection, policy support, social assistance, barrier free environment, as well as special goods and auxiliary equipment, etc.. But at present our country’s welfare system is not complete, the scope of "special assistance" limited, private sector services for people with intellectual disabilities is very few, executive vice chairman of the CDPF Wang Naikun in 2010 September China Special Forum revealed that as of the end of 2009, the national disabled care support services only 3474, can only provide services about 110 thousand people with intellectual disabilities, including the disabled. According to statistics Chinese retarded Association, 2007 Shanxi black kiln workers after the incident, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Yunnan and other more than and 10 provinces also appeared a lot of events against the mentally disabled. Many parts of the country have been enslaved people with intellectual disabilities, black brick kiln black factory, or even a retarded slave black chain trading, people with intellectual disabilities both the sale system, and finally use places. Relevant departments have stepped up efforts to crack down on labor incidents to prevent such incidents, and did not prevent such incidents from the source, China’s tens of millions of people still living in poor mental state is still bad. Low employment rate of mentally retarded people into the community to solve the problem of how to integrate intelligence groups.相关的主题文章: