Progress Report On Research New Product-ca1290

I.Introduction Our .pany has a project to launch new product which is liquid soap. We must analysis what kind of liquid soap, which consumer want and will successful for marketing. So we should do research for our new product. The research covered two steps, which are focus group and questionnaire. It started on 16 January, 2006 and finish on 27 January, 2006. First week, we did a focus group. Second week, we will do questionnaire. II.Past Work Last week, we started to set the question for focus group on 16 January 2006. After that, we found the respondents for join with our focus group. Next, we were record information. It was conversation between moderator and respondents. The last step was analysis information from focus group. In the focus group, we asked respondents about their opinion with liquid soap. After that, we will use this information to do questionnaire. At the end of this week, we started to do questionnaire Focus group is a gathering of six to ten people who brought together to discuss at length various topic or interest. A professional research moderator provides questions and probes based on a discussion guide III.Future Work This week, we will continue to do questionnaire. After that, we will bring analysis information from focus group to set the question to do questionnaire. When we .pleted to set question, we will launch questionnaire to respondents. After we .plete to do questionnaire, we will take time to collect information. Next, we will analysis the information from questionnaire. All of the information, we will get from analysis it is useful for us to develop our new product, which is liquid soap. After that, this information we will bring it do marketing plan for new liquid soap IV.Conclusion This research included focus group and questionnaire, which is useful for launch new liquid soap of our product. All of information gets from the research. It brings to improve our new liquid soap. It is adapt follow the consumer’s attitude, which we get from focus group and questionnaire. Furthermore, it use for marketing plan for liquid soap in the future after we launch it to the market. 相关的主题文章: