Reduction of shareholders Jihouhou 5 days of 8 billion yuan cash chain rose four times yuria

Reduction of shareholders Jihouhou: 5 days cash 8 billion yuan QoQ rose to four and a half times the annual report disclosure has just ended the reduction of shareholders Jihouhou 5 trading days before the September major shareholders cash exceeds 8 billion yuan, compared with the same period last month increased four times the stock index yesterday fell 3100 points. Some listed companies to reduce the behavior of major shareholders or to bring some psychological pressure on the market. Disclosure has just ended, many listed companies can not wait for an important shareholder holdings. In September 5 trading days as of yesterday, the listed companies are important shareholders to reduce the size of more than 8 billion yuan, compared to the same period in August increased more than four times. Some analysts believe that, due to the August semi annual window period limit, the reduction of major shareholders have convergence, but the reduction in the amount of the chain may be doubled in September, which also brings some pressure on the entire A share market. Guangzhou daily news reporter Zhang Zhongan version of this picture: @ visual China semi annual report window just after the disclosure, A shares of listed companies to set off a major shareholder of a small wave of cash. Five ocean science and technology, CSG A and other companies, Busen shares yesterday evening also issued notice to reduce. In the past 5 trading days in September, the cumulative cash scale of more than 8 billion yuan, a substantial increase over the same period in August. This month has about 70 companies suffered significant reduction of shareholders of LIAN Electronics announced that the shareholders holding more than 5% of YOUNGOR in August 24, 2016, August 25th, August 26th, August 30th and September 6th by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange block trading system holdings of LIAN electronic tradable shares 29 million 105 thousand and 400 shares, accounting for 5% of the total share capital of the company. CSG A also disclosed that the company’s shareholders Chinese industrial north in August 17th this year to September 7th the cumulative reduction of 5 million 167 thousand and 900 shares. Reporters found that since the beginning of September after the closing report, the listed company holdings announcement increased significantly, only a day in September 6th, there are Chinese online, Wanda information, Jin Gang glass, Kawashio Zhisheng, Kang Sheng shares, shares, shares, following the peak of Fuan little logistics 8 companies issued related Holdings announcement. In September 7th and won the combined technology, terca, EPRI, Coship 9 to reduce the company issued a notice. The evening of 7, announced the announcement of the reduction of listed companies have at least 8. According to the reporter comprehensive data, 5 trading days since September, 67 companies have suffered significant reduction of shareholders, the total cash amount of $7 billion 965 million, compared to the same period last month the amount of cash 1 billion 500 million yuan, increased 4 times. According to Southwest Securities analyst Zhang Gang statistics, in August the size of the restricted shares of listed companies after the lifting of the ban was 12 billion 589 million yuan. Some analysts pointed out that in August the semi annual report of listed companies focused on the disclosure period, an important shareholder holdings subject to certain restrictions, resulting in a relatively small size of the entire market cash. Confidence or by the impact of intensive holdings to maintain the stability of the securities market, in July 8, 2015, the Commission on listed companies to reduce the holdings of major shareholders of the semi annual limit. In January this year, the new regulations were issued, the total number of major shareholders in the three months through the stock exchange centralized auction trading holdings of shares, shall not exceed the total number of shares of the company of one percent?相关的主题文章: