Refrigerator frost without fear of relaxed defrost just learn this three

Refrigerator frost without fear of relaxed defrost just learn this three refrigerator is one of the highest frequency of use of home appliances in daily life, people often use the refrigerator will find a layer of cream for a long time will bear on the wall of the refrigerator, especially in the summer, because the temperature difference between room temperature and the refrigerator is large, open and close air exchange the refrigerator, wall soon began to appear frost. Once the refrigerator frost is too thick, not only space, but also seriously affect the refrigeration, waste of energy, so regular defrosting is very important. A method, electric fan defrosting method in the refrigerator all food removed and cut off the power supply, then the electric fan or electric blower alignment (Tibet) frozen room blow, so frost will quickly melt, thereby reducing the difficulty of defrosting. Attention can not be directly close to the cooling pipe blowing, so prone to failure. Method two: hot water defrosting method with a dry towel on the bottom, with the small basin into boiling water after irrigation in dry towel, let the steam evaporation, as long as the ice was slightly open a little loose, can shovel down large tracts of ice, not directly with hot water poured or cooling tube evaporator. Method three, apply the film defrost method in the refrigerator before use will be frozen room wall deposited on a layer of plastic film, and then will need to freeze food such as. When the refrigerator wall accumulated frost, only by tearing off the plastic film can reach the purpose of rapid defrosting.相关的主题文章: