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Arts-and-Entertainment Trying to classify this movie is almost impossible as it borrows heavily from action films, romances, kung fu, videogames, and others. The visuals and music .ponents are fantastic, and both are vital to the film. But its how director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) melds them all together that really counts. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is a young, 20-something rocker, slacker and all around dork who falls in love one day when he sees the girl of his dreams .. Beautiful Amazon.. delivery girl Ramona Flowers (played by the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Pilgrim stumbles badly during his first attempt to impress her, looking more like a dork than ever before. But when he gets his second chance he succeeds in winning her over. Just as things look like happily ever after, Ramona discloses to him that she .es with some baggage in the form of 7 angry ex-boyfriends. Before they can be together Pilgrim must fight each of the evil-exes one-by-one. Oh yeah, and each fight is to the death. The rest of the movie deals with Pilgrim fighting each of the 7 evil exes to hold on to his one true love Ramona. But these fights are like nothing the audience has seen before. The director has patterned them after classic video games. Included are punches, reversals, hit .binations, guitar wars, swords whips and more. When contact is made, say a punch to the head, we see the actual words such as baam or slap appear at the point of impact. Then as the fighting continues these word bubbles fall to the floor and shatter. Simply amazing. Each of the evil exes bring their own special skill set to the fight, and that helps in preventing the fights from too similar as Pilgrim must find unique ways to defeat each foe. Also, like a video game each evil ex (ie; level) is tougher than the previous one. When an evil ex is defeated they immediately collapse into a pile of game tokens, which Pilgrim must collect and use in the next round. Michael Cera is perfect as the slacker who will do anything to hold onto the girl he loves. Kieran Culkin practically steals the movie as Wallace Wells, Scotts gay roommate. Wells has many of the movies bet one-liners, and these are sure to be quoted over and over in the .ing months. All of the 7 Evil-Exs are very good, with Satya Bhabha (ex #1) and Mae Whiteman (ex #4) outstanding With everything going on in this movie it is easy to loose sight of the real message, that every relationship .es with some baggage. Unlike other movies where the relationship participants rarely have much of a past, Pilgrim and Flowers both do. Its how they deal with them that determines if they remain a couple. Scott Pilgrim vs The World probably wont win any awards, but it is sure to be one of the most talked about pictures of 2010. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: