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Lisbon 30 September, 2006 The world’s most famous musical, Cats, will be back in Lisbon at the Recreios Coliseum. The Portuguese population has anxiously awaited this return, for two years, as the 6 week performance flew by and many missed the opportunity to catch the show. After being present in over 20 countries, performing live in more than 250 cities, and attracting 115 thousand spectators two years ago in Lisbon, Porto received this Box Office hit for the very first time. Since Cats’s debut in London, 1981, the show has practically toured the world, having been translated in 10 different languages, winning 7 Tony Awards and one Grammy, amongst others. Reasons of success are explained by the excellent cast, where each interpretation has a personal touch, the unforgettable music that accompanies the story, Memory for example, and the appealing theme. Based on the Old Possums Book of Practical Cats by TS Eliot, the musical tells the story of Grizabella the cat who finely returns to her family after abandoning them to discover other worlds. The story is centered within a group of cats that get together on a very special night to discuss which one of them may get a new life in the mystical land of Heavyside Layer. About Lisbon All year around, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Lisbon is sure to keep you up and about no mater what your taste, preference or pleasure! The capital of Portugal offers you a magical combination of history, bohemian lifestyle, luxury shopping, divine menus at the most fascinating restaurants, theaters, exhibitions, beaches, and many, many other incomparable places do go see and discover. Lisbon spreads along the right bank of the Tagus River, its downtown, the Baixa, is located in the 18th-century area around Rossio. East of the arcade Praa do Comrcio, are the medieval quarters of Alfama and Mouraria, crowned by the magnificent St. George’s Castle. To the west lie Bairro Alto and Madragoa, with their typical streets, and on the western extreme is Belm, with its Belm Tower, (the sentinel over the Tagus River that protects the entrance into Lisbon), the Jernimos Monastery (masterpieces of Manueline Architecture and classified in UNESCO’s International Heritage list) and the Cultural Centre of Belm. To complete the experience and extend sensations in an unforgettable manner, ARTEH has some of the best charming hotels of the region for an accommodation that is guaranteed to prolong the show’s magical emotions. Hotel Aviz Experience modern Lisbon with refinement of the past. Well in the centre of Lisbon, the new Hotel Aviz maintains the spirit of the Picoas Palace that had once been its home and symbolised the romantic 1940s Lisbon. Kings, movie actors, spies and the cream of society at the time all came through this hotel due to its reputation of having the most luxurious service and the best kitchen. Currently the hotel exhibits a modern and attractive architectural style whilst retaining the charm of a classical and timeless decor. From the memory of the past, besides amassing a vast number of items from the estate of the old Aviz, its atmosphere, class and tradition of good hospitality were also recovered. Some of the refined suites bear the names and details of the celebrities that made the hotel renowned like Calouste Gulbenkian, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner and Eva Pron, amongst others. Bairro Alto Hotel A reference to luxury in the historical and cultural centre of Lisbon. With its eyes set on Lus de Cames Square and very close to the So Carlos National Theatre in Lisbon the luxurious and cosmopolitan Bairro Alto Hotel is implanted into the former Grand Hotel de l’ Europe, where most of the renowned European artists once stayed during the 19th and 20th century. In the cosy and sophisticated rooms and suites, as in all the hotel spaces, contemporary touches were combined with details from the thirties and fifties. The wood floors, the walnut furniture, the woollen rugs and the varied linen and silk fabrics are all of special note and are accompanied by frescoes on the walls. Hotel Lisboa Plaza Experience the atmosphere, the character and the tradition of a hotel dedicated to wellbeing. Located next to the cosmopolitan Avenida da Liberdade, its eyes set on the Botanical Gardens, is the classical Hotel Lisboa Plaza, an icon of hospitality and heritage in the city of Lisbon. The faade is austere with an international style. The enveloping spaces are full of charm and comfort thanks to the classical design conceived by Graa Viterbo and the attention given to all the details. The hotel maintains its character, harmoniously combining the tradition of its history with the demands of modern times in a spirit of great versatility. Palcio Belmonte Enjoy reading a book while occasionally watching the city of Lisbon from its roof tops. Lisbon’s most ancient palace, the Palcio Belmonte, is set in the historical city centre on the hill of the So Jorge Castle. The suites were decorated with an individual and modern style. Each room was named after a culturally renowned Portuguese personality and antique furniture was brought into harmony with contemporary works of art. Pestana Palace Make yourself at home in an atmosphere of luxury, refinement and history. Located in one of the most tranquil areas of Lisbon the Pestana Palace Hotel was born from the restoration and refurbishment of the former Marqus de Valle Flr Palace dated from the 19th century and classified as a national monument. In the impressive inner spaces the rooms and halls are ideal for parties, banquets or other prestigious events. The rooms and suites, located in a new wing, are of the utmost comfort and fully equipped. In the palace there are the luxury suites with a refined epochal decor. Hotel Britania Relive the refinement of the past and make your own history. The Hotel Britania can be found in a 1940’s building designed by Cassiano Branco, renowned contemporary architect. The set of many stories, of heated conversations between the intellectuals and artists of the time, and of war time conspiracies featuring diplomats and spies, this hotel is worthy of your stay. Considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Lisbon, its design perfectly harmonises the Art Deco style with nationalist icons. This inheritance has been preserved and the recent restoration of the building and its antique furniture, have enabled it to become listed as a building of historical interest. About ARTEH Hotels and Resorts Best Independent Hotel Chain Publituris Awards 2004 and 2005 ARTEH – Hotels and Resorts is a soft brand independent Hotel Chain with a Luxury Collection of Charming & Exclusive Boutique Hotels and Resorts, with Golf and Spa. ARTEH offers a different lifestyle, in an exquisite and charming environment, be it to get away from daily stress, for a relaxing weekend, prolonged vacations or even a business event. With the new Online Reservation System and ARTEH’s selection, booking has never been so simple. Your destiny is only a Click away. For further information on ARTEH please visit ARTEH . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: