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Hold SUV and new energy to the good performance of mid Beijing Automobile – Sohu (text, auto Sohu auto Li Dehui) August 25, 2016, Beijing Automotive (1958.HK) board of directors announced the first half of 2016 interim results. Earnings data show that the first half of Beijing automobile revenue grew 34.18%, reaching $49 billion 39 million, of which earnings of $2 billion 411 million, an increase of 11.08%. According to industry analysts, the Beijing automobile interim results mainly due to better market performance of independent brands. The first half of this year, Beijing automobile independent plate car sales reached 203 thousand, an increase of 36.7 percentage points, at the same time, sales revenue grew 60.1 percentage points, reaching 11 billion 670 million yuan, sales and revenues have achieved substantial growth. Beiqi own funds earnings data has been questioned for "black hole" in 2015, Beijing automobile’s performance in the first half of this year is not so good. According to the disclosure of shares earnings data display, 2015 Beijing car loss amounted to 3 billion 341 million yuan, an increase of 75.9 percentage points compared to the same period. In view of the high loss and poor market performance, the industry will be described as independent sector shares "capital black hole". In this regard, Beiqi shares given in the earnings report this explanation: "in 2015 by the economic downturn and the stock market and other aspects, the passenger car market growth continued to slow down. In the face of severe market conditions, Beijing brand to consolidate and expand market share to provide consumers with additional promotions." Industry insiders believe that in 2015 the overall car consumption environment is just passable affected the profitability of many independent brands; at the same time, Beiqi own brand, at the initial stage of development, lack of competitiveness of products with celebrity endorsements, markdowns and other high marketing costs due to the business profit margins are not surprising. However, the industry lost development prospects of Beiqi own is not clear! In the market competition, more appealing models has not yet appeared Beiqi own market segment layout; in order to preserve market share and guarantee the capacity utilization, and to increase promotional efforts, compared with the independent brand of the same configuration models, preferential amount higher than average 1-2 million yuan. The combination of the two does not make the brand and products in terms of sales and product premiums simultaneously improve. Performance to improve the autonomy of the board with the strength to speak after October 2015, Cai Jianjun joined the Beijing automobile, X25, X55 two SUV listed. In the case of Beijing automobile sponsored "The Voice of China" and the channel sink go hand in hand, Beiqi Saab brand and channel coverage has been greatly improved, the sales performance of the terminal is stronger in the profit rate of 10 percentage points higher than the car SUV market has made significant progress. The first half of this year, Beiqi Saab sold 91979 vehicles, an increase rate of nearly 80%, is 4 times the growth rate of the independent brand. Among them, SUV models sold 86432 units, up.相关的主题文章: