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Also in online shopping? Woman sleeping to buy flowers off a $1500 – Beijing, Beijing, February 14, according to Australian news report, 27 year old Sydney online designer Mortimer (Rikki Mortimore) said, I will make online shopping in his sleep, in online shopping has led her to spend more than 1500 yuan ($, the same below). Reported that Mortimer began to appear abnormal sleep behavior, from only a few months old when she said: "when I was a kid, I sometimes sleep, I once went straight through the house alarm system, although the alarm system was shut but I can type the password, I found my mother when I found out the alarm sound standing there, but at the time it is shown as an accidental event, we did not carry out treatment." In high school, she had to set 3 alarm clocks to prevent himself in his sleep off all the alarm clock was late for school, but until recently, she was diagnosed with sleep problems, and help you establish healthy sleep patterns, and all this opportunity is in the shopping. Mortimer said: "sometimes I find when I woke up and fell asleep wearing different clothes, and in shopping is once I lay asleep in the edge of the notebook computer to happen, I guess I (in) opened the day visited the site." Mortimer is a British shopping site ASOS "fans", she said: "the day I have always been obsessed with visit ASOS, so my fingers are familiar with the operation process, my shopping cart piled a lot of goods, most of which I feel will not buy, so only when I fell asleep after I will order. At the end I (sleepwalking) single commodity is jumpsuit and swimsuit, I have 3 years not to swim! Another time I bought 3 pairs of shoes." So Mortimer will put their sleep order goods are placed in the office, and she said in return as of the date of return, "sometimes I really love me in the buy goods, but most of the time they were too big to go back." Mortimer and his partner on this a series of Oolong joke, but she is trying to reduce her addiction, she said: "I put on the website of the credit card records deleted, even the notebook computer hid in the bathroom, I once saw a beautiful bag, so I have to in the browse after deleting records, to avoid their sleep in spend 3000 yuan." The federal Sleep Foundation (National Sleep Foundation) said that children in the more common than adults, but this behavior may be caused by lack of sleep, emotional tension, even taking drug induced genetic factors. In extreme cases may even drive them away from home, association president Barnes (Dr Maree Barnes) said that 3% children may often appear in the situation, the probability of occasional sleepwalking is 5%, of which 14 of the children grow up will still maintain this habit, this situation should change for sleep habits or seek help.

梦游也要网购? 女子睡梦中买买买花掉1500澳元-中新网   中新网2月14日电 据澳洲网报道,27岁的悉尼在线设计师莫提默(Rikki Mortimore)称,自己在睡梦中也会进行网购,梦游网购已经使她花掉了超过1500元(澳元,下同)。   报道称,莫提默从只有几个月大的时候就开始出现异常的睡眠行为,她说:“在我还是个孩子的时候我有时会梦游,有一次我穿过房子直奔报警系统,虽然报警系统被关上了但我却键入了密码,我妈妈找到我的时候发现我就在警报声中站在那里,但是当时这被当做了一个偶发事件,我们并未进行治疗。”   高中时,她不得不设置3个闹钟以防自己在睡梦中关闭所有闹钟上学迟到,但直到近日她才被确诊存在睡眠问题,并利用帮助自己建立健康的睡眠模式,而这一切的契机都是梦游购物。   莫提默说:“有的时候我会发现自己醒来时候穿着和睡着时不同的衣服,而梦游购物则是有一次我趴在笔记本电脑边睡着的时候发生的,我猜我是(梦游时)打开了白天访问过的网站。”   莫提默是英国购物网站ASOS的大“粉丝”,她说:“白天我总是痴迷于浏览ASOS,所以我的手指很熟悉这一运作流程,我的购物车里堆着很多商品,大部分我都觉得自己绝对不会买,所以只有在我睡着后我才会下单。最后我在(梦游中)下单的商品是连体裤和泳衣,我都3年没游过泳了!还有一次我买了3双一样的鞋。”   所以莫提默会把自己睡梦中下单的商品都放在办公室里,并在退货截至日期前寄回,她说:“有时我实在很喜欢我梦游时买的商品,不过大部分时候它们都太大了只能退回去。”   莫提默会和自己的伴侣就这一系列乌龙开玩笑,不过她也在力图降低自己的网瘾,她说:“我把网站上的信用卡记录删除了,甚至还把笔记本电脑藏在浴室里,有一次我看上了一个漂亮的包,所以我不得不在浏览后删除记录,避免自己在睡着后花掉3000元。”   联邦睡眠基金会(National Sleep Foundation)表示,儿童梦游的情况比成年人更常见,而且这种行为可能是由睡眠不足、情绪紧张、服用药物甚至遗传因素诱发的。极端情况下梦游者甚至可能驾车离开家,协会主席巴恩斯(Dr Maree Barnes)表示,3%的儿童可能经常出现梦游情况,偶尔梦游的几率则有5%,其中1 4的儿童在长大后依然会保持这种习惯,出现这种情况的人应争取改变睡眠习惯或选择就医。相关的主题文章: